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Spring Fling Giveaway Extravaganza: Lets get organized with Snapware review and early entry giveaway

I wish I could say this was my pantry 

Organization is not my forte and being a Freebie Junkie doesn't quite help this effort.  Snapware comes to my rescue as they are a company specializing in storage and organization solutions for the home and kitchen under brands such as Snapware®, Snap 'N Stack®, Smart Store® and GlassLock®.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Snapware's wonderful cupcake carrier and Make a Gift Canisters last year and as part of my Spring Fling giveaway event which is being held next month (March 13th-19th), Snapware has kindly sent me some storage products to fit the "Lets Get Organized" theme prize package.

The Snap 'N Stack products are so versatile, they can be used all around the house for keeping small items together.  I initially envisioned using the medium 2 layer Snap 'N Stack with 6 sectional divider for storing the kids small art supplies or organizing my packets of seasonings.  However, organization of my daughter's hair accessories took precedence as my little girl loves putting her hair up and there is nothing worse than having to sift through a pile of accessories to match hair clips.  Plus she is the queen of headbands so I need a storage solution that could hold her ever growing collection of headbands.  The Snap 'N Stack is the perfect solution and I can easily add on to make this a 3 or more layer storage solution as her collection continues to grow. 

 I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I definetely need help with storage solutions for the food that I cook.  At the weekend I try to make a lot of different meals with the same ingredients for the week.  Storage containers are important to me as they are required to hold my dishes either in the fridge or freezer and hold up well in the microwave or dishwasher.  Snapware's 14 piece airtight food storage container set fits this requirement perfectly.   I love the snap sides which makes the product airtight and no more spilled food or soup in my lunch bag.  Now I'm never going back....
Snapware's products are BPA free and made in the USA!  How refreshing!


This Spring throw out your old, discolored, misshapen and broken tupperware or storage containers and purchase Snapware's storage and organization products here, prices start from $2.99.  My local Target store carries Snapware, check this list of stores for your nearest retailer.  
Thanks to Snapware a Freebie Junkie reader will win the Snap 'N Stack Medium Storage container and the 14 piece airtight food storage container set.  All you have to do for a shot at winning is come back here March 13th-19th, during the Spring Fling Giveaway Extravaganza and enter, so MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Early entries to the giveaway are now Closed
Come enter the main giveaway here


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