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Search and Buy "On In Beauty" iPad Mini #GIVEAWAY

 With two young children, a travelling husband and a busy working mama lifestyle, I need all the beauty help I can get.  I'd love to roll back the clock and bring back the tone and texture of younger looking skin. Now I can with the new On In Beauty Beauty System. On In Beauty is a revolutionary new skincare system which consists of a nourishing topical cream and a naturally sourced dietary supplement that works both on the outside and inside. 

On In Beauty is clinically proven to improve skin hydration, elasticity and UV protection in just 2 weeks.  It uses lutein, a natural antioxidant, sourced from marigolds which achieves fast absorption into skin cells to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Take a peek at the Beauty Breakthrough

Purchase On In Beauty
Reduce photochemical damage from the harsh summer rays with clinically proven skin care working ON your skin and IN your skin.  On In Beauty is now available at select Vitamin World stores.  Please note, not all stores carry On In Beauty yet.  However, check out our search and buy contest below for your chance to win an iPad mini!  Simply click here to find your local Vitamin World Store and let us know in the entry form below if you purchase On In Beauty at Vitamin World as you will gain 10 bonus entries to the contest. 

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We are excited to join The Freebie Junkie and bring you this great event sponsored by On In Beauty

One lucky winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries to receive a 16GB iPad Mini (Wi-Fi) valued at $329!  Complete the optional tasks on the Rafflecopter form below.  All entrants must complete the mandatory entry to be eligible to win!  Good Luck!

Open to US residents only
Giveaway Ends Sunday August 25th @ 11:59pm EST

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fallenangel said:

i eat lots of veggies and fruits, avoid refined sugars, and exercise often. :-)

Unknown said:

Thanks for the opportunity!

ginette4 said:

I drink lots of water, get a good nights sleep and moisturize daily

Gloria's Bits and Pieces said:

I go for walks and eat more healthy-fruits, veggies and no junk food.

Kymi A. said:

I drink lots of water, try my best to eat balanced meals, take my vitamins and moisturize my face.

Autumn said:

I try to eat the right foods and exercise.

pakibabygurl said:

By moisturizing and eating healthy! :)

BethElderton said:

The biggest step we have taken is to "clean up" our diet. We also drink plenty of water and try to do something just for fun when we can---maybe go some place, maybe see a movie---something new.
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

seaburd said:

drink lots of water

Unknown said:


Anonymous said:

I have tried several things but mostly eat healthy & a lot of natural or organic foods!

Unknown said:

I use a lot of moisturizer, eat fruits and vegies and drink a lot of water.

Missie Faye said:

Heather Freeman said: I defy the aging process, by not thinking "old".

Paula Stewart said:

I try to eat healthy and drink lots of water.

evie said:

i watch my weight, work out, go to consmetic dr for face creams, use tazarac, wear sunscreen

MaryAnn said:

Wear sunscreen and drink lots of water

Fun in the Sun said:

lots of water and moisturizer

Unknown said:

Water, moisturizer, and sunscreen!

Anonymous said:

I drink lots of water and stay out of the sun.

Anonymous said:

Eat healthy.

Unknown said:

Drink water, moisturize and use sunscreen!

Linnie said:

I try to eat well and exercise.

Anonymous said:


Candice said:

I drink a lot of water, and try to never leave makeup on at night.

Yesenia said:

Alot of laughter!
morales_y at yahoo dot com

Dot Marie said:

I try to drink lots of water

Alyson said:

Coconut oil!

Unknown said:

Eating healthy food and moisturizing.

Linda Kish said:

I really don't do much. I don't use soap more than twice a week. I don't wear makeup. I use a face lotion rather than a moisturizer. I will be 64 next month and I don't have any wrinkles. I guess it's good genes.

Helga said:

I get enough sleep and use good moisturizers.

Unknown said:

Using minimal makeup, good mosturizer and face wash.

Unknown said:

drink lots of water

Kamla L. said:

Staying out the sun and using sunscreen, drinking plenty of water daily, taking vitamins, eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.

ckorando said:

I make sure to drink lots of water, take vitamins, and wash/moistuize my face daily!

??? said:

I try not to use a lot of makeup or anything on my face.

Theresa M said:

I try to defy the aging process by just being natural and think positive thought. Worry makes you age for sure for sure. Be happy. :)

amber said:

i try to use spf 15 on my face every day

Megan Blumenthal said:

drink lots of water and get some rest!

Melissa Rimes said:

I try to drink plenty of water, get as much rest as I can, and moisture day & night.

Anonymous said:

I stay out of the sun as much as possible and get plenty of sleep.

Allan said:

Eat healthy. Exercise. Think young.

Anonymous said:

We exercise as a family and try to do it daily
rujerro at aol dot com

Meraki said:

Eat lots of veggies and use sunscreen always :)

Angela W said:

I don't drink nor smoke, and I wash my face twice a day along with moisturizer.

Unknown said:

Unnatural and agonizing for me!

Dawn said:

Ive been trying every product on the shelfs. The best way is to limit sun exposure, doont smoke and moisturize.

Unknown said:

I honestly don't try to defy it unless you count accidentally forgetting to add that new year to my age every birthday.

L. Kerr (Admin) said:

I try to always wear a good moisterizer with plenty of sunscreen. Thank you 4 the giveaway:)

Diana C said:

Stay out of the sun as much as possible.

Diana C

Unknown said:

I love to juice and eat right and exercise... I also avoid too much sun and I don't act my age!!!

Unknown said:

I think the key to defy age... is to drink LOTS of water. The more hydrated you stay, the younger you will look.

Devo said:

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep! Beauty rest is crucial! Also, wearing funky t-shirts :)

Belinda said:

Drink lots of water!

Anonymous said:

Great skin products, working out, meditating, and loving my family Rosanne

My Three Sons and a Baby! said:

I stay out of the sun and use no soap on my face!

Homemaker Highlights said:

I make sure to get plenty of water a day and vitamins.

wigget said:

i try to keep my skin clean

Unknown said:

I protect my skin from the sun and the cold

Unknown said:

sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen

tina reynolds said:

I drink lots and lots of water

vanessa said:

pray instead of worry

CaptainLilac said:

this mini would be plain fun.

CaptainLilac said:

on with the moisturizer all the time

Anonymous said:

I don't drink enough water, but I moisturize with an spf20 lotion!?! That mini would be great in helping keep organized my new mommy of three life and new business venture.

chery said:

I try not to look in the mirror. ha ha

Unknown said:

Drinking lots of water!

Unknown said:

Use sunscreen every single day and drink LOTS of water.

Tara said:

I wear sunscreen, eat right, drink lots of water and make sure that I wash my makeup off EVERY night!

richelle bowers said:

moisturize daily

susan1215 said:

Eating healthy food, drinking water, staying out of the sun and moisturizing.

Maureen G said:

I am a firm believer in moisturizing and using sunscreen daily

Robin T said:

I use and sunscreen and drink lots of water.

Teresa Thompson said:

I get 7-8 hours of sleep every night, eat healthy, and practice yoga.

yellowlabs said:

I use sunscreen daily and drink lots of tea and water.

imaclutz89 said:

I always use sunscreen and use a lot of moisturizer!


sottovoce said:

I drink plenty of water, get lots of rest and moisturize avidly. :-) Thank you.

MsJudwah said:

Moisturizer is a must! Drink water and eliminate soda. Vitamins are a must!!

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