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The Best Financial Advice Begins at Home

Today’s savings pave the way for tomorrow’s expenses!

Summer is in full swing and that gives us plenty of reasons to celebrate. With the kids at home over the holidays you’re bound to incur additional expenses. The good news is that there are lots of tips you can adopt to stretch your family’s disposable income further without sacrificing on entertainment value.          

Best Tips for Saving Money
  • One of the best ways to instantly save on family expenses is modifying what you eat and where you eat it. Remember that home-cooked meals are not only healthier for the entire family; they’re also a great way to spend quality time with the kids. Eating out is fun, but it can become costly – so do it sparingly. Sodas for example have no nutritional value – save for their great taste. The best drink is sky-juice – aka filtered water. Don’t spend your money on bottled water – simply get a water purifier and enjoy it!
  • TV is big thing with family and rightly so. But there are ways to cut your cable TV costs, video rentals and movie costs too. Services like HULU and Netflix are great ways to get the most value out of a minimal non-contractual membership. You don’t need to buy DVDs for the family – you can simply stream content for an entire month for the same price as one MOD (Movie on Demand) rental. And the kids will have a much greater selection – off the internet!
  • Memberships and coupons are great ways to save money. If you’re shopping for the family then coupon savings are ideal. That extra money you’ll be saving every month is like manna from heaven. Use it towards a savings fund for your kids, for a rainy day or for those special gifts.
  • Gaming is a big thing too. The costs of purchasing Nintendo Wii games, PS2 games and the like can become prohibitive. Consider trying other fun-filled alternatives like free bingo online. Bingo is all the rage and it is being played by increasing numbers of players the world over. Massive cash prizes are waiting to be won too; it’s certainly a great option!

There are many other useful tips you can employ to get the most value for your time and money. Remember that money saved is like money earned! 

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