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6 winners - for the free coupons giveaway

Here are the 6 winners of the free coupon giveaway - congratulations everyone

Beverley Wilson Pelletier - 1 free admission to Crayola Factory
Kimberly Monach - 1 free admission to Crayola Factory
Andrea Gonzales - Kraft Olive Oil Mayo
Naomie Wilson - Oscar Meyer Select Hot Dogs
Candita McNurlan-Gilbert - 3 free Purina Cat Chow
Christy Slaughter - 4 pk Philadelphia Minis Cream Cheese

Winners please contact me at with your name and address so I can mail these to you!

Thank you to all who entered - watch out for my postings this coming Wednesday 23rd as I'll have an exciting giveaway for 2 lucky winners : )

Don't forget to sign up to my facebook "Addicted to freebies" and twitter alerts "Freebie Alerts".

Free 44 piece Emergency kit

Sears has an awesome deal of the day - you can get this 44 piece emergency kit for $4.97
NOTE: the online price of $4.97 shows up once you add to your cart
Pick up in store to skip shipping costs. 

To score this for free follow the steps below:
Sign up with ebates (first time registrants get $5 cashback)
After sign up search for Sears
A tracking ticket will come up which then takes you to Sears website
In search button search for Deals of the day
Find the 44 piece emergency kit
Add to cart
Choose local store for pick up (no shipping charges)
Wait for ebates check ($5 plus 4% cashback) to make it a moneymaker

For those with ebates accounts already like me then 4% cashback would make this $4.77 - not too shabby for a last minute Father's Day Gift or a gift for your self to ensure you and your family are safe on your daily freebie shopping or long family trips : )

Thanks to Clippin with Carie for the Sears daily deal

Free Welch's Jelly

Print the hot 75c/1 coupon for Welch's Reduced Sugar Jelly from here (click Foods category) and save it till your store has it on sale.  I got a bunch of these last year when they were on sale for $1.50 (my Giants PA doubles coupons so free for me)

Ways to Save Series 3 - Coupons

This is the 3rd of the Ways to Save Series and its about the use of coupons - my favorite topic : )

Well I thought the best way to explain how to save through coupons is through an actual example.

I went to Genuardis this week and spent $12.52 in 5 transactions and got over $114 worth of groceries:

Well for those who think coupons are a waste of time or not an efficient way to spend your time well I think the evidence above speaks for itself. 

For the Genuardis deal above the deal was buy 8 of the participating products get $4 off (locate this in your weekly store flier online or one that is mailed to you). I found coupons for the ones I wanted to buy and made a plan with the aim to use as many coupons as I could to lower my out of pocket.

Here is a list of ways to get coupons -

Coupons from Sunday paper inserts
Consider getting the Sunday paper delivered to lower your paper cost. 
Buy the paper from your dollar store
Buy multiple coupons from a clipping service or ebay

Internet Printable Coupons
There are many sites that host printable coupons - the top three are my favorites.  You will need to install the coupon activator onto your computer and generally you can print 2 coupons per computer - of course you need a printer too : )  If you have multiple computer/laptops in your household consider printing from them all.  Many store do take printable coupons but please find out your store policy on internet printable.  For example, my Giants PA store will not take BOGO printables.
Home Made Simple - Online database to search for coupons

Electronic coupons
Electronic coupons are an awesome feature to couponing but only limited to certain stores - it works for Genuardis for me.  Basically, you sign up with shortcuts and cellfire and download coupons directly onto your store card.  The beauty of it is both sites hold similar coupons and they will both be deducted at the same time on your purchase. Plus, you can stack it with your manufacturer coupon.  In my example  transactions above I had loaded the same coupon at various times and for transaction 1 above I had 4 ecoupons for 1 product which was awesome as this made it a moneymaker and the overage was used to cover my total spend.

Store coupons
Don't forget stores have their own coupons which can be found in their weekly fliers, mailing list and emails.  You will need to figure out whether your store allows you to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.  Target, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid allow such stacking.

There are many varieties of coupons that you can actually find in the store:

Blinkies: Pull these coupons from the “blinking” machines at the grocery store
Peelies: Coupons that are stuck to the actual product
Tearpads: Pads of coupons typically found on special displays at the store, tear off one or two or three…

Flick through your regular magazines as you’ll find some provide many coupons. I love All You magazine, its sold at Walmart only and has a great source of coupons – sometimes the coupons are for frees. I subscribe to the magazine to get a cheaper deal.

Home Mailers
One of my favorite ways to get free products is to email the company directly via their website (no stamp needed) and tell them how much I love their product. At best they send a complimentary coupon for a free product, more often than not they mail coupons and other times not. But you have nothing to lose so write away.

Catalina coupons
The grocery stores usually spit out a coupon when you make a purchase. Read these carefully as sometimes if you buy a product the Catalina machine will print a coupon for a free competitor product to entice you to switch. In my example transactions above I brought 4 Kraft dressings and I received a $3 catalina coupon - I rolled this into my next transaction to lower my out of pocket.

Cell phone coupons
Target has a new program where you can receive coupons on your cell phone.  When you pay for your purchase pull out your cell phone and they scan the coupon directly from your cell!  I have not tried this yet but sounds pretty cool!
There are many sites with forums that discuss coupon use and how to score that big deal.  I have listed the ones I use below. 

I do find these sites very overwhelming sometimes and you can spend a whole day on them and still be confused about how to do it.  My strategy is I just browse these sites for the particular store that I want to shop, find the deal I like and and then flick through my store flier and my coupon stash and see if they match up.  

Here are a few mottos that I like:
Don't buy without a coupon
If its not free, don't buy it
If its not on sale this week it will be on sale next week

What is your coupon strategy?  I'm interested in hearing your comments : )

Free 8 X 10 photo

Use online coupon code GOBIG8X10 at the Walgreen store photo checkout to score a free 8X10 photo - send it to your local store for free pick up.  While you are there pick up your drug store freebies too. 

Some cool ideas with this freebie:
Maybe if you have family living far away send it to their local store for them to pick up for a nice surprise : )
Print some of your favorite scenery pictures and then frame them for your house or as a gift

Thanks Pennypinchinmom for the code

Don't forget the CVS 50 print freebie below:

How cool is this, sign up above at to get 50 free prints (first time sign ups only) and the best part is you can have it sent to your local CVS to skip the shipping charges - pick up your photos while running your weekly drug store freebies : ) 

With digital technology these days I rarely print photos but when its free I will.  I'm going to send family some new photos - my parents are not tech savvy so it always brings a smile when they receive some mail and photos of their grandchildren!

Now you'll never have to pay for photo printing!

Love Freecyle

I picked up a stash of Sunday coupons from a freecycler this morning : )  check our your local group.  You never know what you might pick up, also you are saving things from going to the landfills.  Please consider freecycling yourself. 

I'm going to "make a change" and freecycle a bag of non perishable groceries and feminine hygeine products today.

Free socks

Editor's note: looks like the ankle socks are sold out - try item # 52736 for the triple roll socks : )

Here's a deal for 10 pairs of socks for free

Sign up for (Can u tell this is my favorite online deal place)
First time sign ups get $5 cash back plus 3% cash back on total purchase
Those who already have an ebates account get 3% back 

Search for Catherines while logged into ebates
a tracking ticket will be made and takes you to the online store
Search for item 19632 52736 (the 2 pack ankle socks)
add 5 pairs to your cart for $20
upon check out use online code 777004847 to get you $15 off $20
to skip paying shipping - send it to your local store for pick up = free
Pay $5
Get back the $5 cashback via ebates plus 3% cashback = MONEYMAKER

I'm already an ebates account holder so 10 pairs of socks for $5 is a great deal (50 cents each pair)!

I think I might check out the jewelery as its BOG1/2 off and free shipping - my nearest Catherines is not that near of a drive ; ( 

Hot deals on Crocs

If your kids are anything like mine then they probably live in crocs all through the summer. 
Well here's an awesome deal on crocs.

Sign up for and get $5 cash back upon first sign up plus 4% cash back
(If you already have an ebates account then sign in to get 4% cash back)
Search Crocs while logged into ebates and it will make a tracking ticket and take you to the crocs site

Use online coupon code CROCS4SUMMER for 20% off at checkout

or if you like the following crocs here are some more coupon codes
Cleo Women’s CLEO1499 drops price to $14.99

Lady Women’s: LADY1499 drops the price to $14.99
Relief Unisex: RELIEF1499 makes them only $14.99
Wave (Kid’s Unisex): WAVE999 drops the price to $9.99
Prima Women’s : PRIMA999 make them only $9.99
Scutes: SCUTES1499 reduces the price to $14.99
Mary Jane (Women’s): MARYJANE1499 makes the price $14.99
Mary Jane (Girl’s): GMARYJANE999 drops the price to only $9.99
Melbourne Flip (Unisex): Use the code MELBOURNE1999 and pay $19.99
Olivia (Women’s): OLIVIA1499 makes them drop to $14.99
Malindi (Women’s): Use MALINDI1499 and pay only $14.99
Gabby (Girl’s): GABBY999 drops the price to $9.99
Prepair Collection (Slide, Clog & Flip Unisex): PREPAIR1499 makes them only $14.99
Santa Cruz Clog (Men’s): use the code SCCLOG1999 and pay $19.99

Then stack the above coupon code with STACK15 for 15% off at checkout

(only one code to be stacked? - may need to do separate purchases?) 
this includes FREE SHIPPING - yay
plus some of the kids Crocs include free Jibbitz

Its not free but an awesome deal if you need crocs early in the summer
You'll get your ebates cash back via a check every quarter : )

Thanks Penny Pinchin Mom for the codes

40 Free Prints

How cool is this, sign up with York below (Click picture) to get 40 prints free with the online code.

With digital technology these days I rarely print photos but when its free I will. I'm going to send family some new photos - my parents are not tech savvy so it always brings a smile when they receive some mail and photos of their grandchildren!

Free Breakfast on a bun

Free Breakfast on a bun on Tuesday June 22nd from 7-10am at all 700 locations of Whataburger. 

Well Whataburger is not here in PA but these following states do have them:

Free Bullseye BBQ sauce sample

If you didn't score enough free bottles of Bullseye at Genuardis this week, then click here for a free sample.  This offer is good until supplies last - which means hurry up and sign up if you want one.

So far I've amassed 5 bottles of Bullseye BBQ sauce and 10 bottles of Kraft dressing at Genuardis (these were money maker freebies too).  Check out how here.  I'm going back tommorow for another lot as I love salad and pulled pork sandwiches.  Maybe I'll post my crock pot pulled pork sandwich recipe soon, its so easy and delicious and you'll need it with all those free BBQ sauce. 
Don't worry I'll be giving some away to family : )

How to make a diaper cake

I've had a few people ask me how I made my diapers cakes.
Here are some photos to show you how easy it is.

STEP 1 - wrap individual diapers
Roll an individual diaper up and secure with an elastic band, repeat until all diapers are secured individually.  I used size 2  diapers since these roll up big and fat compared to a new born size and you only need to use 1 or 2 jumbo packs depending on how big you want your diaper cake.  For my cake below I used 2 jumbo packs.

STEP 2 - make the base and backbone

I used a bottle of baby shampoo/wash for my middle to make a good solid backbone.  I then placed my individually wrapped diapers around the bottle encircling it and used an elastic band to hold them all in place.  Here I went round three times and then covered the elastic band with ribbon.

STEP 3 - Make the middle
I wrapped the top part of the bottle with 2 layers of wrapped diapers and again secured them all with an elastic band and then ribbon.

STEP 4 - make the top
I made a topper using 2 layers of diapers and placing it on top of the middle and base.  Again I placed ribbon around the elastic bands and then decorated the top. 

For my cousins gift I wrapped the cake in clear cellophane and tied it off with ribbon. 
Super easy and beautiful.

If you are planning on making one then don't forget the HOT CVS huggies diaper deal on 6/20.  You can score a large box of diapers for just $3.99.

Hot printables for frees

Click here and find the following printables:

75c/1 Betty Crocker Warm Delights
75c/1 Pepperidge Farm Gold fish

Take the Betty Crocker Warm Delights coupon to Giants PA until the 19th as its on sale for $1.50 - Giants double so FREE

I saw the Pepperidge farm gold fish for a $1 few weeks back so holding onto this coupon until it goes on sale again!

Free $10 for kids just for reading

Looking for a way to make summer reading even more fun for your kids?

It’s easy! Here’s what you need to do:
Read 10 books this summer
Open the Summer Reading Form from here
Fill in the form with the names of the books they've read.
Print the form.
Take the form to your nearest TD Bank location to get $10! One $10 offer per reader.*

*$10 will be deposited into a new or existing Young Saver account. One coupon per Customer during the promotional period. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Valid May 3, 2010 through September 30, 2010. Must be 18 years of age or younger to participate. Bring form of ID for child for new account opening.

Don't forget to read my Ways to Save Series 2 - Summer of Fun for free.  By using the same booklist you can score 2 free books and a t-shirt. 

My Mum opened up kids accounts for my brother and I when we were young and this taught us the value of money - it was great to see the money build up and interest added on.  I'll be taking the kids this weekend to open their own accounts! 

Home Depot 10% off coupon

For all you home owners who thought buying a house would mean no more throwing money into someone else's pocket well I think we all know this doesn't happen in reality.  Well in our household we throw our money regularly at Home Depot, Lowes and Ace's hardware store, there's always something to fix or buy for the house.  Well sign up here for a 10% off coupon.  I know I will use this coupon wisely.  Enjoy! 

Free Cat Litter

Click here for the rebate form for World's Best Cat Litter, this is only good for a limited time so hurry and download.

Free Chick Fil A meal

Dress like a Cow on July 9th and take yourself down to Chick FilA between 6am-10pm and you get a free meal.  Check out Chick FilA's facebook page for more details.
Thanks Kristen

Moneymaker Silly Bandz

If you have young kids then you must know about the latest craze - SILLY BANDZ!  My kids are 3 and 5 and its already been rampant at the school for over 2 months now!  Some classes have banned them, but luckily my kids classes are exempt - guess they are sharing them freely.  I think its cute as each day my kids come home and show me which ones they got from their friend or teacher.

Well here's a deal to get a free pack of Silly Bandz and make some money

Go to and sign up for an account
After sign up search for Orange Onions
Once the tracking ticket has been made it will take you to Orange Onions
Type in Silly Bandz24 in search
Cost is $4.39
At checkout type in code DEAL10 for 10% off
Which takes it down to $3.95 - its free shipping
You will get back $5 upon first sign up with = $1.05 MONEYMAKER
BONUS = 4% back via ebates too!!!!

I already have an ebates account but like the sillyband72 item below which is on sale from $12.99 to $7.99:

(Three assorted packages of 24 Silly Bands Crazy Rubber Jelly Bracelets (72 total) may include the following styles: Guitar, Microphone, Saxophone, Star, Music Note, Cowboy Boot, Kangaroo, Dog, Cow, Bunny, Elephant, Giraffe, Flamingo, Seal, Hippopotamus, Shark, Jellyfish, Penguin, Seahorse, Frog, Cloud, Dragonfly, Tulip, Watering Pot). 

This costs $7.19 after the 10% code and then you'll get back 4% via ebates and its free shipping.  I know I've paid $4.99 just for 24 at the store so this is a steal for a new craze product that isn't even on sale yet.  So go ahead and order some - I gave out some for my sons birthday party recently.

Don't forget to use your ebates account for every online purchase.  You'll be amazed at how much each purchase saves you.  Also, ebates will give you online promo codes for % off or even free shipping.  So why waste gas on driving to the store, shop online in your own home in your pjs : )

Free Hallmark cards


Buy 3 Hallmark cards, get a $2 RR

Buy 4 Hallmark cards, get a $2 RR
Buy 5 Hallmark cards, get a $4 RR
If your store sells the 49¢ cards, this would be a moneymaker!

Buy 3 @ 49¢ = $1.47, get a $2 RR = 53¢ moneymaker
Buy 4 @ 49¢ = $1.96, get a $2 RR = 4¢ monyemaker
Buy 5 @ 49¢ = $2.45, get a $4 RR = $1.55 moneymaker

I need to pick up some more cards, as the kids get older and make more friends there are more parties to go to!

Thanks to Who Said Nothing in Life is free

NEW: 25 & 15 Points Pampers Gift to Grow Codes

There's two new more Pampers Gift to Grow points code out there: 

Use 25GTGSUMMER2010 for 25 points
Use 15GTGSUMMERFUN for 15 points

Now at this rate we should all be able to redeem for something fun.
As of June 3rd these codes below were all valid and total up to155 points (let me know if any don't work)


If you haven't signed up yet for Pampers Gift to Grow rewards account then sign up here  and add the above codes and you'll have at least 195 points. You can increase your chances of winning one of the 3 sweepstakes or donate to March of Dimes or continue to save for a reward for yourself or the family.

Subscribe to the email feeds or my facebook (Addicted to Freebies) or my Twitter account (Freebie Alerts) as I'll post the free pamper codes as soon as they come in. Love the freebies.

Thanks Freebies4mom

Giant PA deals

If you printed the 60c/1 Dr Pepper coupon from this post then use it this week at Giant PA.  Dr pepper 2 liter bottles are $1 and when the coupon doubles its free.  I stacked this deal with the hot rotisserie chicken deal at Giant today.  I brought a hot rotisserie chicken for $5.99 and got $1 off a Coke product.  So in essence since my Dr pepper was free with my coupon I got the $1 off my Chicken.  I made a chicken salad (salad from my garden) and I have left over chicken for dinner tommorow night too.  $5 for two nights of dinner is not shabby : )  Maybe I'll make tacos tommorow night - mmm this reminds me of my free taco seasoning - see below.

Don't forget to use up your 60c/1 El Paso coupon (from this post) at Giants this week.  They are 75 cents at Giant and when the 60c coupon doubles its free. has changed the coupon to 60c/2 now so you'll only pay 30 cents for 2 if you missed out on printing the 60c/1 coupon.

Happy freebie shopping!

Another hot deal - Moneymaker razors

I picked up my free Schick Hydro razor (3 cent moneymaker after coupon) this morning and now there's a mail in rebate form for a free razor, so I can submit my receipt from this morning to get back $8.97 - so a $9 Moneymaker for me - yay. 

If you don't have a $5/1 coupon from the Sunday paper (6/13) to get the CVS deal its still a $4.97 moneymaker after the $4 ECB rebate and the $8.97 mail in rebate. 

No CVS - then Walgreens has it for $7.99, get back $4 Register reward.  With the $5/1 manufacturer coupon its a $9 Money maker

Also Rite Aid has the Schick Hydro for $6.99, use the $5/1 manufacturer coupon and use the $1/1 Rite Aid video coupon = 99 cents - mail in for a $6 Money maker.

Love free razors!

Swag bucks survey - more points

Swagbucks has just offered another great way to quickly rack up some points. You can now take surveys and earn anywhere from 5 – 100 points (if you qualify). Just stop on by Swagbucks and check out the side bar and click on Surveys. You’ll have to answer a few questions in order to create your profile. Once that is done, you will see a list of surveys that you can take. Then, if you qualify for the entire survey, you will earn the points listed! This can be a great way to stack up those points rather quickly!

Sign up here if you are new to Swag bucks - you'll get 30 swag bucks just for signing up and if you register your birthday you'll get 50 swag bucks on your birthday - you can redeem your swag bucks for cool prizes or gift cards.  I have my eye on Amazon online gift cards so that I can collect enough to get a new laptop.

Sign up here for a free sample of Pampers Extra Protection Diapers.  You'll be able to choose from size 4 or 5 - good till June 30th.

HOT: Listerine Moneymaker

Buy Listerine Whitening Plus restoring 16 oz - $5.99 @ Walgreens this week
use $2/1 manufacturer coupon from here (use zip code 44714 and look in personal care)
use $3/1 in ad Walgreens coupon
Out of pocket = 99 cents

Submit for the Listerine Whitening Rinse Mail-in Rebate (this information is taken directly from the People Style Watch June/July 2010 issue)…
Purchase ANY Listerine Whitening or Rembrandt product and receive a free $10 prepaid debit card to put toward your favorite white must have item for summer.
Mail your original receipt, dated between 5/21 – 6/17/10 with the Listerine Whitening or Rembrandt product and proof of purchase circled along with your name and address to:

Dare to Wear Gift
PO Box 4938
NY, NY 10185


Thanks to Clippin with Carie

How does your garden grow - update

This photo of my vegetable garden was taken yesterday.  Its taken off so much since my last photo below taken a few weeks back.

We've already harvested a lot of lettuce and I've given 3 full bags away.  As soon as you pick the lettuce a new batch arrives soon after - its amazing!

My zucchini and cucumber have taken off, it seems the zucchini leaves are the size of palm tree leaves.  We attribute it to all the organic matter that was used in the vegetable garden set up.  Hope your gardens are doing well.

Free Golf Balls

My hubby started to take up golfing last year so these will come in handy.  Download the form here to mail in for a free complimentary sleeve of Michelob Ultra Golf Balls.  This is valid for residents in the following states AL, AR, CT, HI, KY, MA, ME, MN, MO, NC, NJ, NY, RI, SD, UT, VA, WV.

Ways to Save series 2 - Summer of fun for free

My Mom was a stay at home Mom so my childhood summer memories consisted of being out in my neighborhood with my friends from dawn till dusk playing hide and seek and coming home when our bellies rumbled.  We all know we live in different times now and I certainly do not feel at ease leaving my children to play in my unfenced backyard alone let alone roam the cul de sac neighborhood by themselves.

As a working Mom, my kids who are 5 and 3 will spend most of their summer week days at a fun summer camp close to our house.  Our goal for them is to be outside enjoying nature, playing kids games, swimming, overall to be a kid in a safe environment.  Summer camp is by no means cheap and even if you are a stay at home Mom trying to entertain kids who have spent the majority of the year in a structured environment can both be costly and frustrating for everyone concerned.  So here I list some fun free summer activities: 

1. Go to the Library

You'd be amazed how much of what the kids learned at school during the academic year is lost during the summer, so encourage your kids to read during the summer and spend the day at the library.  Here are some ideas for the library:

i) A million and one books for the kids to be entertained with
ii) check out some DVD's or games
iii) Check out the free summer activity schedule at the library
iv) free air conditioning to keep you all cool

 Here are a few summer reading programs that have cool free incentives:

i) Borders is offering a free book after reading 10
ii) Barnes and Nobles offers a free book after reading 8
iii) HEB free t-shirt after you read 10 books
iv) Free $10 for reading 10 books via TD Bank (need to open a kids account)

My kids are not old enough to read by themselves but doesn't stop me from reading to them and participating.

2. Movie days

Regal Cinemas Free Family Film Festival - Selected G or PG movies start at 10:00am every Tuesday and Wednesday during the festival. Tickets and seating are first-come, first-served and are limited to theatre capacity.

Free Redbox code - Sign up for text message to your cell phone and you'll get a free redbox code the first Monday of the month.

Here's some Blockbuster Express rental codes for a free movie - June Expiration Dates:
GT16A (expires 7/30/2010)
GL15A (unknown expiration)
G616A3 (unknown expiration)

3. Free Attractions
Search the free attractions directory and find something local to your area

Check out your local community/church calender

If you are a Bank of America cardholder then you can enter some museums for free when you show your card.  Click here for more information.

Go to your local park, make a day of it, bring a blanket, picnic and ball.

Enter my giveaway for a free pass into the Crayola Factory, PA.  Check out more details here.

4. Free Play

Organize a potluck neighborhood event or even a street party with your neighbors
Play soccer/football/baseball with some neighborhood friends

Have a yard sale and with the profits put it towards a fun activity.  This will teach the kids the value of money.

Set up a lemonade stand for charity (Alex's Lemonade)

Grow your own vegetable garden - not only does this teach your kids about where vegetables come from but the responsibilities involved in growing your own free food.

Take your kids on a bike ride through the park or your neighborhood

Go on a hike in a local park or even just your neighborhood - go meet some new neighbors

If your kids are older get them involved in cutting out coupons and let them see how much they can save or even make money through the freebie deals presented on here.

Stargazing - print star maps here and make a night of it

Kidsbowlfree - 2 free bowling all summer long

Find restaurants where kids eat for free

This is the second of my Ways to Save series. Check out the first here.  Please feel free to add any other summer free fun in comments below

Free $5 cash card from Gillette Fusion proglide

Heads up - I found a survey in one of the Gillette Fusion razors that I got in last weeks CVS/Rite Aid Gillette Fusion Proglide freebie deal.  Complete the survey and mail in and they will send you a $5 prepaid cash card.  It was attached to the inner leaflet and if you are going out to do this weeks Gillette Fusion Proglide freebie deal here then take a peek in the back (through the see through plastic) and see if there is an attachment to the inner leaflet - its not hard to see.  If so then with the store CVS ECB or Rite Aid rebate and manufacturers coupon it will be a moneymaker.  I found one - yay!