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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial debuts on Blu-Ray on October 9th!

In celebration of Universal Studio's 100th Anniversary, Steven Spielberg's unforgettable movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial debuts in a digitally remastered 30th anniversary version Blu-Ray combo pack with Blu-ray, DVD, digital copy and UV.  So pencil Tuesday October 9th into your schedule so you can grab a copy for your family!

If you are new to this film, E.T. is about an imaginative boy Elliot who meets a lost alien and aids him to find his way home before government agents capture him. 

E.T. was the biggest blockbuster of the year in 1982 and even now it is the fourth most successful movie of all time in the US.  I remember seeing this film at the movies when I was little and just being mesmerized with the movie plot and the notion that there were aliens in the sky.  Even now as an adult I see how it captures my own children's imagination and I love how it opens up dialogue in our family about the possibility for other E.T's in the universe.  My children were so happy to see that we received a copy for review.  Movie night got moved up the day we received it.  Our favorite scenes have to be the "E.T. phone home" and when they dressed up for Halloween.  It sure makes you feel old watching a young Drew Barrymore, of course I wished I was her growing up.

I love how the Blu-Ray combo pack also contains a DVD, digital copy & UV.  This way I have a DVD for the house, a copy for my computer and iPad while on the go.  The combo pack also features never before seen footage from the set of the film, deleted scenes and a whole lot more.  I love the E.T. Reunion extra!  This is a movie that I can always go to when the kids need a little quiet time - it also makes me put household chores aside to go snuggle up with my kiddies.

Hurry and pre-order the Anniversary Blu-Ray Combo pack on Amazon for only $19.99 + free ship with purchases over $25. 
It lists for $34.98 so that's a Go pre-order it price!

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