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The Freebie Junkie: Top 10 freebies for December

December's freebie theme is
"Getting Ready for the Holidays - part II" 

As the biggest Holiday is just weeks away, here are my Top 10 ways to earn or win yourself some great gifts and holiday spending money. 


1.  Not only does the Freebie Junkie's Holiday Gift Guide help with gift ideas for your family & friends but you can also enter to win those same prizes for yourself.  Many prizes have already been given away to my readers and there are still plenty more.
2. Earn a free $25 Amazon gift card by signing up to Itsthoughtful and referring 15 friends (ends 12/15).  Also share your gift ideas - the gift idea with the most votes will receive a $500 Amazon gift card (ends 12/20). 

3. Just refer 10 friends to Shop it to Me (all they have to do is sign up– which is FREE!) and you’ll score a FREE $10 gift card to a store of your choice (Amazon, Old Navy, Starbucks + more). 
4. Use this $10/$50 coupon link for (always free shipping) and after your purchase you'll receive information on how to refer 5 people and be rewarded with $100.
5.  Through December 10th, you can sign up here to win a selection of gifts from Oprah’s legendary “Favorite Things” show—along with her personal picks for the magazine and specifically chosen presents from Nate Berkus, Suze Orman, Dr. Oz, and other friends. In addition, each winner will snag $6,810 in cash, which winners may use, if they so elect, to help defray any tax consequences they may incur by accepting the prizes. The approximate retail value of each prize package is $29,510.  You will also choose to get a free issue of All you magazine.
6.  Between now and December 31st, is giving away gift certificates through it’s Feed it Forward Program. You can actually choose to send up to 40 certificates ($10 value) to family and friends per day up till December 31st. This is a great thing to do if you can’t afford to get someone something, but want to let them know that you are thinking about them this holiday season.

7. You can get a free Leap Frog Tag or Tag Junior book by following some simple instructions:
Create an account by heading here.  Then, head here and sign in. Fill out the form and indicate Tag or Tag Junior book.  You can expect to recieve your free book in just a few weeks!

8. Register here with Joes Shopping and refer friends for points - the most social wins $3000 and 20 runner ups get $100.  Ends 12/31

9.  Sign up for 2 free multimedia storybooks for the kids, click here for more details

10.  Sign up for a free Leap Frog Tag or Junior Book, click here for more details

More free Excedrin on top of the 2 Excedrin posted last night

Just a follow up to the Excedrin free coupons that I posted last night but you can head back on over there and scroll down to the bottom to request a coupon valid for $3.50/1 Excedrin PM product. This will be sent via snail mail and should arrive within 2-3 weeks. I’m guessing this will easily make for a FREE product when paired with a sale.

I'm so excited!!

Yay I just signed up here to get TWO free coupons for a FREE Excedrin Extra Strength Product (up to $5.99 value) AND a coupon for a FREE Excedrin Migraine Product (up to $5.99 value)! Hurry – I’m not sure how long this promo will last.

I love Excedrin - always does the job when a headache comes on!  or always try Tylenol and coke if you don't have any in the house!

*Coupons will arrive within 2-3 weeks

Thanks Hip2save

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HOT: 2 Free coupons for Excedrin Extra Strength & Excedrin Migraine YAY

Yay I just signed up here to get TWO free coupons for a FREE Excedrin Extra Strength Product (up to $5.99 value) AND a coupon for a FREE Excedrin Migraine Product (up to $5.99 value)! Hurry – I’m not sure how long this promo will last.

I love Excedrin - always does the job when a headache comes on!  or always try Tylenol and coke if you don't have any in the house!

*Coupons will arrive within 2-3 weeks

Thanks Hip2save

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WOW score 4 Zhu Zhu pets at CVS starting Sunday for $9.88

WOW score 4 Zhu Zhu pets at CVS starting Sunday for $9.88

Here's how:
Buy (4) Zhu Zhu Pets (estimated price $9.88) = $39.52
Get 2 FREE from B1G1 FREE CVS Sale (-$19.76)
Use B2G1 Zhu Zhu Pets Free coupon (- $9.88)
FINAL PRICE = 4/$ 9.88 or just $2.47 each

Thanks Clippin With Carie

If you fancy some accessories for these pets then head here - I'm giving away not ONE but TWO Zhu Zhu Pets accessories!!

Who picked up their FREE Freaky pet today?


I chose the dark blue one in the pic above.  Its so cute, its a freaky pet and inside is a nice pet!  this will go nicely in my sons Christmas stocking.

The first 5 shoppers to get to their local Hallmark Gold Crown store and say the magic phrase “Are you a friend of Kromdar the Magnificent?” will score a free freaky pet.

So I went at lunch today to my Hallmark at my local mall and asked if they were participating in the freaky friday promotion.  The associate asked someone else and they said well they are supposed to have their child say it.  I responded that I work and my kids are at school.  She went in the back and after 10 minutes she came out and said there is a phrase to be said - I recited it after reading it from my post it note and she granted me a free Freaky pet!  I was the first customer to win it today!

Check here to see if you store carries the freaky pet and head on out as it seems like not many people know about it - the Hallmakr facebook page is not advertising it but there was one tiny comment made by Hallmark confirming the giveaway

Not sure if this $5/$5 printable coupon is still available but let me know if you print it!
Just go here to print a $5 off your purchase of $5 or more coupon to use at Hallmark Gold Crown! This coupon is valid through December 5th (Sunday) and should easily make for FREE greeting cards and more!

So far I've used 2 $5 peelie Hallmark coupons found in my Woman's Day and Martha Stewart freebie magazines and a $10 printable coupon (the printable link is expired now for the $10)  Awesome time at Hallmark!!

ps. my friend tried out the Freaky pet freebie at her local Hallmark with the opposite result.  The associate was rude and said we don't give anything out for free here.  She tried to use her $5 printable on 2 wrapping paper rolls which are supposed to come up as $5.99 but the lady rang them up as $3.99 each, when she explained that was incorrect the associate refused to ring it up correctly.  My friend was pregnant and did not want to argue and decided to leave the store!  Thats pretty rude.  I told her to write to corporate Hallmark and explain the situation so the store can be addressed.  I hope you have success!  I hate when us smart savvy Mom's are treated like criminals when armed with coupons.

Free slow cooker recipes

I love hearty home cooked meals especially crock pot ones as I can just add ingredents walk away enjoy the kids and come back and dinners is done!  The slow cooking BBQ meatball recipe sounds so good.  Use those reynolds liners so you don't have to clean up - just pull the bag out and throw in the trash!  Wish they were eco friendly...  Click here to download your own slow cooker recipes.  I'm going to try making those BBQ meatballs this weekend - its calling me. deal & make yourself a $100 bonus

It seems my kids go through a pair of sneakers every two weeks.  OK a little exaggeration, but if you are parents to two rough and tumble kids who are outside everyday then you know what I mean.  Every time I see their shoes there is a hole somewhere.  I ordered some replacement sneakers for my two little monkeys from the other day because they had an awesome sale and everyday free shipping and I stacked it with this $10/$50 link. I'm saving these sneakers as one of their Christmas presents - I got shoes for Christmas so passing down the tradition.

Well after I checked out they sent me information on a fun little referral program.  Refer 5 new people and get $100 back!  WOW.  If I just buy my next 5 pairs of shoes setting up new accounts I'll basically grab 5 pairs for free if I can find a pair $20 or less.  Stack it with the $10/50 link and I'll get more bang for my bucks.  My son is into those Skechers lights of course which are so expensive so the $10 coupon definetely makes a difference and free ship (and free return shipping) is a cool bonus.  of course you can always send the referral link to your friends and family too and all on your facebook and twitter account to make yourself a nice little $100 bonus ; )

If you are going to buy some shoes at then take advantage of this $10/$50 coupon and then after purchase they'll send you info on how to get in on this referral program.

Oh and how about winning free shoes (or $100 to boot)  Click here for more info (found on main page).

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Bath & Body Works: FREE Reindeer PocketBac with purchase

If you are headed to the mall and need some things at Bath & Body Works print this coupon out and grab a free Reindeer PocketBac - you do need to make a purchase but thats so easy in this store.  These pocketbacs are so cute and attach to anything you like! 

If you are shopping online - you can use coupon code GOREINDEER plus you can get free shipping on orders over $50 - valid till 12/5.  Don't forget to superstack with ebates.  Not sure what ebates is then read up here.

Thanks Hip2save

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Review/Giveaway: Granulated Splenda with Fiber Prize Pack

We typically use sweetners in our coffee and iced tea just so we can lessen the calories that regular sugar imparts.  When a PR rep for Splenda approached me undertake a review of their Splenda with Fiber, Granulated I jumped at the chance.  I never really thought about using Splenda in my baking or cooking, also as we lead busy lives I'm sure we don't get enough fiber in our diet.  Did you know the average adult should get 25 grams of fiber per day, but only gets about 12-13 grams.

To aid my review I was sent a bag of Splenda with Fiber, Granulated plus a Cookie Master™ Plus Cordless Cookie Press.  I typically bake cookies using cookie mixes which I score for free with coupons, so I was excited to challenge myself not only with making cookies from scratch but actually using a cookie press.  My husband's Godmother makes Spritz cookies every Christmas and we adore them. 
Being the daughter of two chefs I'm a natural cook but unfortunately my baking side was never nutured.  Baking is a lot harder because you have to follow the recipe exactly.  For me I cook without a recipe and its all done by taste and trial and error.  Here's my cookies made using Splenda with Fiber, Granulated.

My husband and children were my guinea pigs and all were impressed with the cookies both aesthetically and with its taste.  I mentioned to my husband that the cookies were made with Splenda with Fiber, Granulated and he said "Oh thats why they don't taste like my Godmothers cookies".  So I made another batch with regular cane sugar and asked my husband to try them out and he said "yes can still taste the Splenda" - thank goodness for blind taste test trials ; ).  With the Holiday season in full swing grab a bag while at the store and see whether your family can tell the difference.

Here are some fun recipes to try

You can purchase the Splenda products at the Splenda online store here.  There's a few freebie offers when you buy certain product combinations.
Check your local grocery store or head to to pick up a 14 oz bag for $8.49 + shipping

One Freebie Junkie reader can win the following fabulous Splenda Prize Pack

Filled with:
SPLENDA®No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated with Fiber
SPLENDA® Sugar Blend
SPLENDA® Brown Sugar Blend
Cookie tin
 SPLENDA® Recipe book

Visit The Splenda Store and comment here telling me which Splenda product you would like to try
* Join Splenda on Facebook
* Join Freebie Junkie via Google Friend Connect 
* Subscribe to The Freebie Junkie via Email (must be activated)
* Join me on Facebook Addicted to Freebies
* Join me on Twitter Freebie Alert leave your twitter name
* Tweet about the giveaway (2 entries) leave your link
 * Blog about the giveaway (5 extra entries) include your blog link
Please make a separate entry for each additional entry
The contest will close on Wednesday December 8th, 2010 10 pm EST.  Please ensure you leave a contact information so I may contact you if you win.

Disclosure: The PR rep for Splenda provided me with a sample pack and the Wilton Cookie Press to aid my review and for my honest opinion, others opinions may vary.
Don't forget to check the Freebie Junkie's Holiday Gift Guide here and see whats next on the giveaway schedule

Bonus $2 saving this weekend on EVERSAVE - finish off your holiday shopping

Don't forget to sign up to win the $50 Eversave credit HERE- the contest ends Sunday 12/5.

How far are you with your holiday shopping?  I'm doing good - wish I could find someone to wrap for me.  The deals keep coming in!

Eversave is now offering you all an extra $2 saving this weekend, starting tomorrow, Friday December 3rd, through Sunday December 5th, the promo code GIVEAWAY will be good on all Saves at  If you are a new Eversave member you can also grab yourself a bonus $2 making your buys this weekend a $4 discount!

Here's the low down on this weekend's Saves

Friday’s featured National Save - $15 for $30 (with GIVEAWAY promo code $13 for $30 and $10 for $30 if you are new to Eversave) – Free Shipping as long as you order by this month.
Pinhole press offers photo gifts, holiday photo cards, photo calendars, and much more...
Friday's Bonus Save
$26 worth of magazine subscriptions from Blue Dolphin for ONLY $12! Use your bonus code GIVEAWAY to drive this down to $10, new members get this for $8 - WOW
Click here for the low down on how to superstack this deal

$40 for $80 of swimwear from ($38 for $80 with promo code and $36 for $80 for new members). 

Saturday’s featured National Save - $18 for $40 (with GIVEAWAY promo code $16 for $40 and $16 for $40 if you are new to Eversave) – plus free shipping.  I just checked the website and there is a stock up and save event on Terralina - buy any one product get one free (not valid for eye cream).  WOW buy one for a friend get one for yourself - ooh I love those kind of deals.  The skincare and body wash seems to be featured in some of the major magazines such as Cosmo, Elle and People.

Sunday’s featured National Save
Jack Franklin - $25 for $60 – (with GIVEAWAY promo code $23 for $60 and $21 for $60 if you are new to Eversave) – flat rate of $3.95 shipping.
Grab fabulous gifts for the men in your life

And of course, there are many local Saves in Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando, Columbus, Indianapolis, Austin, and San Antonio.  The promo code will also be good on all Saves in each of these locations.

Sign up to Eversave now

WOW HOT printable $5 off $5 coupon for HALLMARK and Free freaky pet! yippee

NOTE: I found a little comment by Hallmark on their facebook page that the freaky pet giveaway is going on - check here to see if you store carries the freaky pet

Wow! Hallmark just released another smokin’ HOT printable coupon! Just go here to print a $5 off your purchase of $5 or more coupon to use at Hallmark Gold Crown! This coupon is valid through December 5th (Sunday) and should easily make for FREE greeting cards and more!

Couponing to Disney stated that a PR rep directly from Hallmark emailed her with the link, so it does in fact appear to be legit. 
Hallmark has a hilarious fun offer! The first 5 shoppers to get to their local Hallmark Gold Crown store and say the magic phrase “Are you a friend of Kromdar the Magnificent?” tomorrow, December 3rd, will each receive a FREE Freaky Pet. Check out the Hallmark Facebook page for more information.

 Thanks Hip2save

So far I've used 2 $5 peelie Hallmark coupons found in my Woman's Day and Martha Stewart freebie magazines and a $10 printable coupon that expired.  Awesome time at Hallmark!!

We have winners......

We have a HUGE list of winners to announce for the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway Extravaganza

Shutterfly - 30 photo cards - Sharyn B from CA (# 20 out of 36 entries)

Exergen Temporal Thermometer - Emillie C from IN (# 46 out of 139 entries)

Chick Fil A Prize Pack - Trisha B from OH ( #49 out of 80 entries)

Photo Weaver Blanket - Judy H from NC (# 158 out of 160 entries)

Snapware Prize Pack - Kelly D from GA (# 164 out of 188 entries)

Mark My Time Digital Bookmark - waiting for winner confirmation

Ornaments with Love - Joanne B from OR (#6 out of 103 entries)

Baby Legs - Kristine S from ME (#20 out of 135 entries)

Holiday Chico Bags - Louis H from CA (#70 out of 87 entries)

The winners were picked randomly and have been notified and if you sent me your information these will be passed onto the sponsor to fufill your prize giveaway. 
Thank you to all those who took the time to read my review and enter the giveaway and a BIG thank you to my wonderful sponsors!

There are plenty more giveaways left to enter

My Twinn Doll
Ruckus Media Book Apps
Creativity for Kids Kit
Lapper Tray
Lauren Nicole Jewelry
Miracle Body Jeans
Aurorae Yoga Kit
Totsy $100 Credit
Eversave $50 Credit
Rescuegiftcards $25 Credit - 2 winners
Jasmere $25 Credit

Please register for giveaways with an active email account so you can claim your prize and keep checking your spam folder - emails will come from addictedtofreebies at gmail dot com

Daily Deal site Mamapedia site offering $3 off on first sign up!

I recently scored a $10 Amazon gift card for $5 at Mamapedia - unfortunately I didn't post it as by the time I got in on this daily deal it was all sold out so I couldn't share with you all!

If you sign up you can get in on these quick but sweet deals.  Use coupon code HOLIDAY3 at checkout to score $3 off your order. This is only valid on your first purchase and is valid through December 14, 2010.

Todays Deal is $28 Agoo certificate for $14 minus the $3 = $11 (WOW

Sign up and get in on this deal.

5% of your purchase will be donated to the school of your choice. Earn money for your school or preschool by sharing the deal.  How awesome is that!
Thanks Money Saving Mom for the code

New years resolution can start in December! - Need to quit smoking?

Need to quit smoking?  Sign up for a free plan by clicking on ad above

$30 Red Envelope Gift Certificate for $15 - superstack it with ebates to lower it down to less than $10

Today the Groupon deal (I found it in the city of Houston) is a $30 Red Envelope Gift Certificate for $15! Red Envelope has many gifts under $50. This voucher does not expire until 2/28/2011 so you could use it for Christmas OR Valentine’s Day.  The awesome part is it is valid towards shipping too!

While Red Envelope is expensive to me they do have some neat gifts for the hard to buy people in your life and stretch your Groupon deal a little further by superstacking it with ebates - read below!

Sign up first to Groupon here.  THEN head to ebates and sign up or log in.  You'll get 3% back for your Groupon purchase & for new ebates members a $5 cashback BONUS.  Once you get your Red Envelope Gift certificate code log back into ebates and head to Red Envelope and then you can get 6% cashback!  WOW thats a lot of superstacking here!
Read up here on cashback sites like ebates

Check out the gifts at Red Envelope first before buying your Groupon

I just found this small Brushed Nickel Accessories Box on sale for $24.99 (down from $39.99).  So the Groupon will cover the box plus part of the shipping.  Not bad for hubby!

Holiday Gift Guide: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Review

Welcome to The Freebie Junkie's Holiday Gift Guide
Category: Friend & Family Gift

I grew up up in England so naturally I'm a big tea drinker.  For me there is nothing better than a good cup of tea in the morning!  Then, I'll find a flavored blend or green tea to help me get through the day. I just purchased a new electric kettle from Rue La La the other day - do you know how hard it is to find an electric kettle in the US? - in England they are a dime a dozen.  Isn't this kettle just the most beautiful electrical item out there.

Capresso H2O Plus Glass Water Kettle

My husband who grew up in this country loves his cup of Joe and so The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a great place for us.  While we do not have a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store near our house their online Holiday gift sets are great to put down on our Polyanna list.

For me I personally love the Winter Dream Tea Latte Mug Set $17.95 Gift set which includes: Winter Dream Tea Tin (20 bags), 8oz French Deluxe™ Vanilla Powder , 17oz Ceramic Recipe Logo Mug & Mini Whisk

For the Coffee lovers - the Cafe Mocha gift set @ $17.95 would make a lovely gift
Gift set includes: Holiday Blend coffee (8oz), 8oz Special Duetch™ Chocolate Powder, 17oz Ceramic Recipe Logo Mug  & Mini Whisk

Don't forget all the superb tea and coffee packs available for your morning routine!
These make such cute holiday gifts for everyone especially perfect stocking stuffers for teachers - check out the nice array of Holiday gifts here

Disclosure: Sample products were provided to me in exchange for my honest review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review.
Don't forget to check the Freebie Junkie's full Holiday Gift Guide here and see whats next on the giveaway schedule

New Pampers Gift to Grow code for 10 points


If you haven't signed up yet for Pampers Gift to Grow rewards account then sign up here.  Here is a new code!

DEC2010FACEBOOK 10 points
Thanks Hip2save
Here are some other codes you can try.....

$10 for $26 worth of Magazines - perfect for those magazines that are never free

OK I've been so spoiled with free magazine subscriptions that I cannot bear to pay for any more magazines. 

However, my husband's always complaining, asking why don't I continue his expensive magazine subscriptions.  Well for those hard to find freebie magazine subscriptions such as Esquire, GQ etc.. check out this Eversave deal.  Buy a $26 Blue Dolphin voucher for only $12.  If you are new to Eversave you get a $2 credit to your account taking your total to $10!  Thats awesome - you could get 2 or 3 magazines subscriptions as gifts for family or friends and even appease your hubby!

Deal scenario
* Sign up with
Eversave is offering a $26 worth of magazine subscriptions from Blue Dolphin for ONLY $12!
if you’re new to Eversave, you’ll receive a $2 credit that you can use towards the purchase to get it down to $10
* Click on the “Buy Now” button
* Enter your contact and billing information
* Eversave will email you a link for a voucher that has a unique 13-digit code that you can use when you checkout at starting 2 days after your purchase.

So wait 2 days and then head to where you’ll be able to pick from 50 different magazines.

Don't forget to superstack it and head to Shopathome just before redeeming your Blue Dolphin code to graba  little cashback!

Those who are new to Shopathome you get $5 for first sign up too!  Only issue is you need $20 in cashback balance to get your cashback!  But if you intend to spend this Christmas then it will soon rack up.

Fun build projects for the kids on 12/4

Where there is a Lowes there's a Home Depot and vice versa - if you are heading there for your home fix it projects take the kids and they can build some cute little wooden products.

This Saturday, 12/4, Lowes will have another FREE Build & Grow Workshop for kids.
The project this week - they can build a rain Caboose!  You'll get a cute apron, goggles and badge.
The passenger car and engine will be built in the coming weeks
Go HERE for more details and to register.  You do need to register.

Home Depot is having another FREE Kids Workshop this Saturday (12/4) from 9am – noon. This week they will make a Picture Frame.
In addition to the newly constructed project kit, each child receives a kid-sized orange apron, similar to The Home Depot associates’ aprons, and an achievement pin.
This frame could be a great gift for your child to give at Christmas.

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Coupon Preview 12/5  and Whole Coupon Inserts indicates there will 1 Red Plum and 1 SmartSource Insert in your Sunday paper.  Check out what coupons will be available through this link here.

Don't forget to check here when you go grocery shopping as this site has a coupon database so you can go down your shopping list and search easily for coupons.

My friend Amanda wanted to let you know about where you can sign up to get your Sunday paper delivered for as low as $1 each week!  This is an awesome saving considering the newspaper retails for $1.75+ and plus you don't need to drag yourself out to go get it.

FREE Canine Greenies Dental Chew at PetSmart

A nice little Holiday treat for your pet
Head on over here to score a PetSmart coupon valid for a FREE individually wrapped Canine Greenies Dental Chew! *NOTE: This coupon is only valid for PetPerks members.

Thanks Hip2save

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Hurry: Free Working Mother Magazine Subscription!

Get 12 free issues to Working Mother magazine. I received a free subscription to Working Mother Magazine this year and try to squeeze in some mag time every so often - I can't believe how many free mags come to my mail box each month.
Thanks Hip2save

Did you enter to win up to $225 in Holiday spending money?  if not head here!

Vote For Use @ Top Mommy Blogs

New 30 Recycle Bank Points

Back in May I posted about freebies from recycle bank well here's a new way to earn points
we've just introduced our second Learn and Earn applet worth 30 RecycleBank Points.

Just take the 3-question quiz accompanying the video below from MillerCoors and then be rewarded with 30 RecycleBank Points which is added to your account that you can use for any rewards you choose.

If you’re new around here, you are probably wondering what RecycleBank is. RecycleBank partners with cities and haulers to reward households for recycling; households earn RecycleBank Points that can be used to shop at over 1,500 local and national businesses. Currently, you can earn 20 RecycleBank points just for signing up to join (this offer is good for NEW registrants only). Once you have signed up you can use your points to purchase high value coupons for groceries and/or discounts at online stores. After signing in, click on the Get Rewards tab and you’ll be able to start scrolling through the rewards they have available on the left hand side.
Then add the code 031604025496 as described above for 50 points (let me know if this works as I used thisa while back and not sure if it expired)
Take the virtual tour as described above for extra 25 points
Also you can get another 50 RecycleBank Points when you join the eBay Green Team.
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Review: Applied labels

As a working Mom, my kids have been at daycare since they were young babies.  As we all know everything has to be labeled otherwise they will not be returned to the rightful owner.  My kids grow out of clothes quickly and I am always forgetful of which piece of clothing is theirs let alone rely on the teachers to know.  I have iron on labels but thats a pain as you have to get the iron and ironing board out everytime you buy a new piece of clothing, so typically my black sharpie pen comes out at a pinch.  I don't iron if I don't have to so when I found out about Applied Labels I was happy to leave the iron in the closet.

I received a sample for review and these reminded me of address labels however they were made from a thick clear plastic.  I chose from one of 3 font types and included an icon (skull & cross bones for my son).  The icon is an optional feature.  Its a no frill label with black lettering and icon.  I stuck one immediately on the outside of my son's backpack as this is an item that gets a lot of use and is usually flung in the car and around the house when we get home.  After a couple of days use the label was still stuck on and the edges were not peeling off.  I was pretty impressed considering the abuse it was subjected to.

There are so many uses for these labels as shown below - I went a bit sticker happy and now all my sons belongings are neatly labeled.

Watch a video comparison all of the clothing solutions and how to apply them!

Order your Applied Labels here - there are so many options to choose from.  I like the label packs which contains everything you need.

Join Applied Labels on Twitter and facebook

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.