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K'NEX Tinkertoy Pink Building Set Review

I have two little inquisitive kids and I like to feed their imaginations with educational toys.  I'm a K'NEX Brand Ambassador which means we get sent a nice box full of K'NEX Goodies in exchange for our personal review.  The first toy that my kids gravitated to was the Tinkertoy.  I personally had not heard of these toys but the kids informed me that they have been playing with these at their daycamp forever and these are 'the best'.
The kids were so excited with their new toy and ended up playing with the Tinkertoy Pink Building Set in the hallway because they were too excited to even walk to the family room.
My daughter made a flower per the instructions and my son made a huge contraption on wheels.  It is fun to see them follow instructions and/or let their imaginations run wild. My daughter was so happy that we were sent the girls Tinkertoy version.  Her favorite color is pink and she loves that there are so many girly colors for her to build girly themed structures.  There were 150 pieces in the box which allowed for plenty of building time. I liked the fact that the pieces were sturdy and stayed put when clicked in so no kid frustration to deal with.

Did you know 2013 is the 100th anniversary of TINKERTOY!
To stay up to date on TINKERTOY’s centennial celebration this fall, be sure you “like” the Tinkertoy facebook page and share it with your friends.  We'll be hosting a Tinkertoy giveaway soon to celebrate the 100th anniversary - so keep posted.
Grab the Tinkertoy Pink Building Set on Amazon for $49.89 + Free Shipping!

Disclosure: K'NEX provided me the Tinkertoy Pink Building Set in exchange for our review and opinion on the product.  This is written based on my own honest opinion (other peoples opinions may vary).

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Jack the Giants Slayer Combo Pack DVD Giveaway

I went to see Jack the Giants Slayer with my son at the movies earlier this year.  We went as part of a Mother and Son event at his elementary school.  It was so nice to spend some time alone with my son and the movie was just perfect for my action packed little boy.  The movie features Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy), Ewan McGregor (Star Wars, Moulin Rouge!), and Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones).
I grew up reading Jack and the beanstalk and when the kids were little I would say in a menacing but fun Giants voice "Fee Fi Fo thumb, I smell the blood of little kids who are not in bed".  It always sent them scattering up the stairs to their bedroom with screams and squeals of laughter.

Jack the Giant Slayer comes out on DVD on June 18th! This will be in my shopping cart June 18th - a nice movie to have for the summer during one of our playdates.  Movies are always fun for a little Mommy downtime and yes kids downtime too.  You can pre-order a copy at Amazon for only $22.99+Free shipping!

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One Lucky reader will win
Jack the Giant Slayer Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Ultraviolet)! (Giveaway open to residents of the USA and Canada).  Contest ends July 8th.  Good Luck.

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Superman Flying Heroes Review and Giveaway

The new Superman movie "Man of Steel" hits the big screen today June 14th!
Are you headed to the movies this weekend for the weekend debut?  I've seen all the movies and can't wait to introduce Superman to my children.  Of course they have heard the name Superman as a super hero in the playground and from cartoons.  So to watch a movie and learn his story helps build upon this classic iconic childhood superhero.
We just checked out this awesome Superman Flying Heroes toy.  It is a flying action figure, simply pull from the launcher and kids will be able to unleash their favorite superhero and watch them fly like never before. 

The instructions say to never aim at the eyes or face, or other people and pets and to play in an open area.  When launching, hold at arms length and point up and away from face. I can see why we needed to be outside because the Flying Heroes can certainly take off and fly!  After a few tries from Mummy to show safe use I handed Superman to the kids and they had so much fun seeing where he went.  It is great outdoor summer toy.  The recommended age is 4+.  My kids are 6 and 8 so they had no trouble launching Superman and they soon learnt that the faster you pulled on the cord the faster he went.
You will find Superman and Batman at Target already retailing around $16.99.  In August, you'll find all Flying Heroes characters (including Spiderman) at Target, Walmart, ToysRUs and K-Mart.  If you are an adult Superhero fan then I'm sure you'll be purchasing this for your own collection - it is pretty fun and affordable!
Twitter: @TheBridgeDirect
Your Own Superman Flying Hero.  Simply enter to win through the rafflecopter form below.
Contest ends open to US residents only and ends on July 5th.  Good Luck. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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How does your garden grow? Spring 2013

My parents have a huge organic garden and as a kid I loathed having to help out during the spring and summer months watering, weeding and harvesting the vegetables.  Little did I realize what a wonderful experience and healthy lifestyle they were providing me.  It was only when I had my own children did I realize how fortunate I was to eat fresh vegetables and how much money could be saved.

We have a 20X60 raised bed garden and early this spring I planted bak choi, lettuce, carrots and peas.  So far I've been able to harvest Bak choi and Black seeded Simpson lettuce. I'm patiently waiting for the peas and the carrots to be ready for harvest.  

After Mother's Day I planted my summer crops which I grew from seeds at home; tomatoes and pepper and then direct sowed the cucumber, zucchini and bean seeds.  I hooked up a soaker hose on a timer so I don't have to drag my hose out to water the plants.  So far this has been a washout spring so the soaker hoses haven't been used too much.  This year I put down some weed blocking material between plants which should help me cut back on weeding!  My children are eagerly awaiting the cherry tomatoes as it is their favorite to pick those straight from the plants. I'm personally waiting for the pickling cucumbers to come in so I can start canning and also for the zucchinis to start popping so I can make my chocolate zucchini bread!

The weather hasn't been cooperating as much but it is so exciting to go out each morning and see everything grow a little bit bigger! I'll keep you posted on my next harvest! How does your garden grow?

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Vacation on a Budget: Staycation

There are families who go on vacations (out of town or abroad) every holiday and there are families who opt to stay at home to catch up on some errands and other responsibilities. If it’s not about finishing up some chores around the house, it’s about saving up on money for a rainy day. We sometimes feel vulnerable when we spend our savings even if it’s for a family vacation. But if you’re saving up for a grand family vacation in the Bahamas or just going upstate, there are plenty of ways to experience a great staycation on a budget. 

If you think a staycation is all about watching reruns of The Good Wife or your favorite TV series, think again. To kick start your holidays, here are some tips that’s just are just as enjoyable and will make you feel like you're really on a vacation. Why not organize a barbecue? Get the grill out and invite friends and family over for a cookout. You can ditch your diet for a while and have a hotdog, maybe a cheeseburger and just live a little. You can also organize a game night and bring out the yummy appetizers. Before game night, you can practice your skills by playing online games on sites such as cheekybingo  You can also meet new friends and organize your own game night with its exciting online community. 

Finally, you can have a picnic in your own backyard and if you don’t want to cook for everybody you can organize a potluck. If it’s an afternoon grill, you can provide the burgers and hotdogs and your guests can bring easy side dishes to prepare such as potato salad or macaroni salad as seen on Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver  Remember to catch up on some sleep and it’s okay to skip your gym class for an all-out staycation. 

Are you opting for a staycation this year?

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