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How does your garden grow? - update

Here is a pictures of my veggie garden taken yesterday (June 25th).  Its taken off so quick!  We attribute it to the good mixture of mushroom soil, manure and water.

This is the pic taken from a few weeks back (June 12th), what a difference!

Here are some pics of the little fruit thats sprouting so far

3 Zucchini sprouting from 1 plant - I have 5 plants growing right now - the leaves are like giant banana leaves.  I like to make a chocolate zuhiccini banana bread.  I'll post recipe later.

Here is a baby cucumber growing - I grew a mixture of Burpee Burpless and pickling cucumber but they are so intermingled right now I'm not sure which is which but once they grow bigger I'll know.  I've never pickled cucumbers but will try now - anyone have any good recipes to share?  I have them all growing up plastic canes as you can grow more this way!  Its fun to see them take off.

I have various varieties of tomatoes from beef steak and plum and roma.  I intend to make tomato sauce with the roma and plum and freeze for the winter. 

I grew the beefsteak for fun, I did grow cherry but they didn't survive but we'll trade with the neighbor who's growing his veggie garden side by side.

I'm growing peas here and also some green beans.  I harvested a handful yesterday!  Looking forward to trying these out.

Here are my carrots - they are a little too close but its my first year so we'll see how they do.

We are growing red pepper here.  My neighbor is growing all kinds of hot pepper so we'll trade.  We intend to make a killer salsa from our garden so can't wait to eat the fruits of our labor.  I have the cilantro growing in my herb garden, the neighbor has the green onion - all we need is the chips and margaritas and we're all set : )

I've already bagged about 10 bags of lettuce.  Its like a week as soon as you harvest some leave more keep popping up.  We've given a lot away to friends and family and we've eaten a few at dinner.  Its so nice not to have to go pay $2-$3 for salad now.

I moved some of my Burpee Mammoth Sunflowers from the veggie garden to the outside as I didn't want them sucking up all the nutrients.  They seemed to have survived.  My nieghbor will pass on a recipe for good roasted sunflower seeds.

I grew some Burpee Teddy bear sunflowers (Smaller versions) in pots - so am eager to see these flower.

Remember my gigantic Marigolds - well they finally flowered.  Its so pretty.

Freebie events this weekend (June 26-27th)

Here is a list of freebie events going on this weekend (June 26-27th)

Epic Boot Camp is holding a free boot camp tommorow at:

Saturday June 26th
Java Brewin'
296 West Ridge Pike
Royersford, PA 19468

The Disney Store is having a Toy Story 3 Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, June 26th from 11 AM to 2 PM. Come for fun, excitement and a special surprise.

Michaels will have a free family event on 6/26/10 from 10 AM to 2PM for kids ages 3 and up. They will be making 4th of July crafts.

Williams-Sonoma will have a Summer Desserts Cooking Class on 6/27/10. Call your local store for the times.

Lowes will have a Build and Grow Clinic for kids on 6/26/10 from 10 to 11 AM. They will be making a monster truck.

Pottery Barn will have a free “Perfect Wedding Decor” class on 6/27/10. Call your local store to RSVP. Times vary.

Thanks to The Freebie Blogger


Home Made Simple
Are you like me and love coming home to a mail box full of freebies and coupons.  Well if so then sign up above for the Home Made Simple book - don't forget to use a separate email account for all your sign ups so you are not bogged down with the junk mail - periodically I'll check the email account and search for a coupon or any deals.
Home Made Simple will send you great coupons for cleaning products e.g. Cascade, Swiffer - these are great to hold onto until a drug store deal comes up.
Here are a few more that I like since these are stores or coupons I would definetely use:

Home Depot Movers


More Toy Story t-shirt deals

Remember the moneymaker toy story t-shirts that I posted a few days ago - well here's some even cuter ones.

Here's how to work it!

Sign up for ebates (if you are a first time ebates customer you get $5 cash back bonus)
After sign up type walmart in the search button
It will take you to after a tracking ticket is made
Search toy story tees (as shown here)
its 99 cent shipping
check out
pay $5.99
get back $5 cash back
get back 1% cash back via ebates
= 93 cents!

I think my son will love it as he talks about Buzz and Woody non stop and its designed so that it looks like your kid is Woody or Buzz Light Year.

I love these pjs above too and think I'll order them too - its a bit pricey at $9 but I got my son the free alien lamp from the Kellogs cereal rebate and he will get a kick out of wearing these at night.  You can never have enough pjs.

Don't forget to enter my Zoe & Sprout t-shirt giveaway here - there will be 2 winners

Heads up CVS freebies 6/27-7/3

There will be a BOGO Stayfree coupon in this weekend's insert, pair it up with CVS's BOGO and voila free.

Also you can get 1 FREE Kodak Picture Movie DVD ($9.99 get $9.99 ECB).  Get your pictures ready to make a movie DVD for your family!  I usually take a USB adaptor and fill it with the photos I want, take it to the kodak kiosk and play around till I get what I want.

Another BOGO deals here - there will be a BOGO coupon in Sunday's Red Plum for M&M Pretzels - these are BOGO at CVS = FREE

Loving the drug store freebies.

Thanks Who Said

Free Schick razors

In this weekends Smart Source insert cut out the Shick coupon $2/1 and take it to Walmart.  Walmart has the 10-12 pack disposable for $1.97 - so moneymaker there! 

Don't forget to check here to see what other coupons are going to be in this weekend's insert.

Thanks to Free Stuff

Free Frappe

TGIF!  Doesn't it make you feel good its Friday today? 

Well McDonalds is making Friday mornings even better, pick up a free Mcdonalds McCafe frappe in caramel or mocha today and each friday from June 25 till July 9th from 7am-7pm.  Double check your local Mcdonalds to see if they are participating so you don't waste gas and face ; )

I'm going to run there after I pick up my free Goldfish at Genuardis at lunch today

HOT - more free Skinny Cow ice cream

In addition to the $1/1 printable that I posted about yesterday, here is a 50c/1 printable. For the 50c/1 to make it free I'm going to wait to see if my Giant PA has this on sale for a $1 since Giant doubles coupons under 99c.  For the $1 I'll either wait for a $1 sale at Giants or CVS or another store. 

Thats 4 coupons which equals 4 mini icecream just right here!  I have 2 computers that I can print from so thats 8 mini icecreams for me - we all scream for icecream ; )

Free Flix Stick & Floss

Another freebie to throw in your handbag when you are on the go and need floss!  
Request your free sample here.

Free Farmville App

For those who are addicted to Farmville on facebook well Zygna has developed a Farmville app for your iphone or itouch so you can manage your own virtual farm.  Go to itunes and find the Farmville app.

I'm not sure what the craze is regarding Farmville as I have my own vegetable garden and I think harvesting real veggies for dinner should be a lot more satisfying?  However, I do know a lot of people who spend an enormous amount of time on farmville.  I did have a tamigotchi when I was a kid? remember that annoying little handheld egg thing?

Well while you are on facebook "like" Addicted to Freebies and maybe you can read up on freebies deal while farming your fake veggies and animals : )

Get paid $10 to do a diaper study

Get free diapers and get paid $10 through a company called Arquest.  They are currently looking for Moms of children wearing size 4 diapers. If you have a child in size 4 diapers, leave your name and number to be contacted:

GIRLS: 1-888-342-7372 ext. 646 Georgia

BOYS: 1-888-342-7372 ext. 634 Cheyla

You can also press 9 for “diaper study” when you call the above number. It is a recorded message.

You will need to leave your name, your phone number, your child’s gender and diaper size. They will call you back.

In September, they are hoping to work on size 5 diapers so keep calling.
They send you FREE diapers (typically 1 or 4 packs), along with a survey to fill out. About a week later, they call you on the phone and you give them your survey answers. It takes about 2 minutes to tell them the survey answers on the phone.

Right now they are looking for trials on disposable training pants for girls size 4 so call Georgia above if it fits your needs.

I suggest trying this out if you child can tolerate all kinds of diapers as from what I understand most of the diaper trials are generic brands.  I've never been able to get in on the studies when my kids were in diapers but heard great reviews from friends.

Thanks Hip2save for the heads up on size 4 and 5 studies

Free Move Free Advanced Starter Pack

Sign up for a free Move Free Advanced Starter pack.  I think I'll sign up and send it to my Dad who has troubles with his knees.

Free Biore Sample

Click here for a free Biore make up removing towelette or Biore Steam activated Cleanser.  I love free samples as I stick them in my handbag and use them on the go or when I travel.

More free Skinny Cow Ice cream

Remember the free Skinny Cow ice cream that we got from CVS a few weeks back.  Well there is a new $1 Skinny Cow Printable here.  I'm going to wait for the minis to go on sale for a $1 to score them for free.  The coupon doesn't expire till 8/31 so plenty of time.  Plus get the coupon mailed to your house by clicking on help at the bricks link and filling in your information!

I'm still enjoying mine from last time.

Oodles of free Goldfish crackers

Stop by Genuardis this Friday, Saturday & Sunday for free Goldfish crackers.

They are on sale for 88c with your Genuardis card (limit 10 per card)

Use the following coupons:
Download the 2 75c/1 ecoupon from Shortcuts onto your Genuardi's card
Bring with you the two 75c/1 printable from previous post (not available now)

My Guenardi's doubles my printable coupons so this is my proposed transaction for Saturday:
My total coupon (printable and ecoupon) worth is $6.50 so I would need to buy 8 bags @ 88c to prevent overage.  This means 7 bags for free and you only pay 54 cents for the 8th bag!  This will go well with my Verizon Fios Houseparty

Free Bootcamp Class

After 2 kids I thought I was doing great, I lost the baby weight and maintained my pre pregnancy weight for years, but then recently my clothes felt tighter - I blamed it on the dryer, then the dry cleaner but thats getting old now.  Sound familiar?

I looked into a few options briefly, Weight Watchers, South Beach diet etc.. but I love my food and I'm a working Mom and I don't have time to prepare one set of meals let alone two. 

So I looked into Women's Boot Camp since they have a great schedule that works well for me and it was something different - that I've never tried before.  Boot Camp is like having your own personal trainer but you are doing it with 15-20 other people who help you get through the burn.  I'm not into running, but after my first session I was running half a mile, second session I ran 1 mile and third I ran 1 mile in 11 minutes.  I also ran a mile with a tire round my waist or a back pack filled with sand.  Sounds fun huh!  Well it is actually - each session you feel like you are working every muscle in your body - if I didn't get muscle pain the next day then I didn't work hard enough - no pain no gain.  I felt like I had reached the same level of fitness as I did when I was at college.  In my classes we had ladies from every age range so don't think you have to be fit to start with.

The best part of bootcamp is you are outside enjoying the environment - smelling the roses - not the sweaty old gym that you've been to week after week.  The prices are awesome considering the whole body workout and extracurricular workout and nutritional advice.

Want to try it? then you can as Epic Boot Camp is offering a free boot camp class at

Saturday June 26th
Java Brewin'
296 West Ridge Pike
Royersford, PA 19468

Let me know if you fancy going and I'll let the instructor know to give you extra push ups (just kidding).  Check out Epic Boot Camp online here and their FAQs to familiarize yourself with what is required and also you can find them on facebook too.

Enjoy - you'll be hooked on just that one class - let me know how you make out.

Current Philadelphia Locations:
Black Rock Park: Oaks, PA
Eagleville Park (One Room School House): Eagleville, PA
Palmer Park: Skippack, PA
Sutcliffe Park: Conshohocken, PA COMING SOON!

Current Pittsburgh Locations:

New Community Church Parking Lot: Wexford, PA
RMU Island Sports Complex (soccer field): Pittsburgh, PA
Schenley Park Oval: Pittsburgh, PA
Mt. Lebanon Recreation Basketball Courts: Mt. Lebanon, PA

Current Texas Location:
Live Oak Park: Live Oak, TX

Don't find a location near you? then contact or and tell them you have a group of ladies that are interested in signing up.

New 10 points pampers Gift to grow code

There's yet another new Pampers Gift to Grow points code out there: 
Use ENJOYYOURSUMMER for 10 points. 

Here are some other codes you can try - let me know if any of these do not work:


If you haven't signed up yet for Pampers Gift to Grow rewards account then sign up here. You can increase your chances of winning one of the 3 sweepstakes or donate to March of Dimes or continue to save for a reward for yourself or the family.

Subscribe to the email feeds or my facebook (Addicted to Freebies) or my Twitter account (Freebie Alerts) as I'll post the free pamper codes as soon as they come in. Love the freebies. - freebies for a party

I got into the Verizon Fios Viewing Party - Ultimate Battle Houseparty - yay

If you are not familiar with, a House Party is thousands of parties happening across the country on a single day, hosted by people who sign up and get accepted after a brief survey. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand (e.g. Kraft Foods, Bic Soleil) and focuses on something cool–like a new product, hit TV show, or great cause–that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends.

You host. Everyone wins. House Party lets you share the stuff you like with the people you like, through a fantastic, free party experience. What's the catch? There is none: I've hosted a few and we've had so much fun with them all, plus of course I like all the freebies.

As host of the Verizon Fios Houseparty my party pack will include the following:

For Host

* Flip Camcorder
* Coupon for Motorola set top box "skin"

For the party:
* Inflatable Soccer Ball
* Plates, Cups, and Napkins
* Coasters
* Koozies
* Microwave popcorn
* Hacky Sacks
* Clappers
* Party Decorations

I'm pretty excited about the Flip Camcorder and party games.  My plans for the party include a gathering of friends to watch the World Cup Final on Sunday July 11th at 2.30 pm.  During half time I plan on having the kids who are dressed in soccer gear play a little friendly game and I'll film it on the Flip Camcorder.  I plan on making pulled pork sandwiches and sides (take full use of my free bbq sauce and salad from my garden).

Go sign up to host a party and make sure you invite me : )

Here's a list of some of the parties that are available right now

Sunday 6/27 coupon preview

I found the Redplum coupon preview from and listed it here.  I like since there are forums where people chat about future deals so you can stock up on your coupons or at least get them organized.

At a quick glance I have my eye on the Ball park franks (great for bbq's), Bayer Aspirin, Hellmans mayo, M&M's BOGO (free at CVS this Sunday).
Redplum Insert 6/27
9Lives Dry Cat Food, 3.15lbs or larger (bags) - Save $0.75 on any 1

9Lives Wet Cat Food, 1-12 can variety pack or 12 individual cans or 3-4 packs - Save $1.00
Any Rimmel product - Save $1.00 on any 1
Ball or Kerr Canning Jars (cases) - Save $3.00 on any 2
Ball or Kerr Lids or Lids with Bands for Preserving - B2G1
Ball Park Jumbo Beef Franks - Save $0.75 on any 1
Ball Park products - Save $0.75 on any 2
Bayer AM product - Save $1.00 on any 1
Bayer Aspirin - 24 ct or larger - Save $1.00 on any 1
BIC Comfort 3 Advance 4 Pack, BIC Flex4 3-Pack or any BIC Soleil Disposable Shaver, ETS - Save $2.00 on any 1
Crest 3D Whitestrips - Save $10.00 on any 1
Crest Glide Floss - Save $0.75 on any 1
Crest Paste - Save $0.50 on any 1
Crest Paste, 4oz or larger - Save $0.75 on any 1
Crest Rinse - Save $1.00 on any 1
Crest Toothpaste, 4oz or larger or liquid Gel - Save $0.75 on any 1
Dove Beauty Bar, 6 Bar pack or larger - Save $0.75 on any 1
Dove Body Wash - Save $1.25 on any 1
Dove Hair Care product, ETS - Save $1.00 on any 1
Dove Hair Daily Treatment Conditioner - Save $1.25 on any 1
Dove Men-Care Body Bar-6pk or lgr, Body Wash-1.35oz or larger, or Active Clean Shower Tool - Save $1.00 on any 1
Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant or Body Mist, ETS - Save $0.75 on any 1
Emerald Nuts Products, 5oz or larger - Save $1.50 on any 2
Excellence or Excellence to-Go Shade - Save $2.00 on any 1
Heart Health Advantage - Save $1.50 on any 1
Hefty Fresh Extend - Save $1.00 on any 2
Hellman’s product - Save $0.75 on any 1
Kahn’s products - Save $1.00 on any 2
Keebler Ready Crusts Pie Crusts, Mix or Match - Save $0.55 on Pie Filling when you buy 2 pkgs of Pie crust
Kellogg’s Cereals - 10oz or larger Mix or Match - Save $1.25 on any 3
Kellogg’s Cinnabon Bars, 6ct or larger Mix or Match (packages) - Save $1.00 on any 2
Kellogg’s Cinnabon Cereal, 10oz or larger - Save $1.00 on any 1
King’s Hawaiian products, Excluding 4 pack Dinner Rolls - Save $1.00 on any 2
Lipton Tea Bags, Lipton To Go, or any Iced Tea - Save $0.40 on any 1
Luigi’s Real Italian Ice product - Save $0.50 on any 1
Luvs Diapers - Save $2.00 on any 1
M&Ms (Buy 1 bag of M&M’s and get 1 bag of M&M’s Pretzel Choc Candies) - BOG1 M&M Pretzel
Minute Maid Frozen Novelty - Save $0.75 on any 1
Minute Ready to Serve Rice - Save $0.50 on any 1
Morning Star Farms Veggie Food Products - Save $0.75 on any 1
Oral-B Battery or Rechargeable Power Toothbrush - Save $3.00 on any 1
Oral-B Cross Action, Pulsar, Advantage or 2 Indicator or Cavity Defense - Save $0.75 on any 1
Oral-B Floss Picks 45 ct or larger, Oral-B Satin Floss or any Crest Glide product - Save $1.00 on any 1
Oral-B Power Refills - Save $3.00 on any 1
Pillsbury Brownie Minis Brownie Mixes, Cookie Mixes or Easy Frost No-Fuss Frostings - Save $1.00 on any 2
Pond’s Cream, Towelettes or Cleansing product, ETS - Save $1.00 on any 1
Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes, 30ct only - Save $1.25 on any 1
Pop Secret products - Save $0.50 on any 2
Rimmel Max Volume Flash or any Rimmel mascara product - Save $1.00 on any 1
Rubbermaid Beverage Pitcher or Bottle - Save $1.00 on any 1
Scope Mouthwash, 770ml or larger - Save $1.00 on any 1
Smart Balance Milk - Free with MIR
Whole Fruit Fruit Bars - Save $0.50 on any 1
Whole Fruit Sorbet - Save $0.50 on any 1
Wish-Bone or Wish-Bone Western Dressings - Save $1.50 on any 2

There will be SmartSource coupons too but haven't got the full list yet.  Word out is that there will be a $2.50 Finish Dishwasher Tablet coupon which is a good coupon to hold onto until a sale and get it for free.
Remember the following weekend is 4th of July a holiday so no coupons come int he Sunday paper then ; (
Stock up on your 4th of July groceries this week!