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Freebies at CVS this week

I picked up my free Dove conditioner and 2 free toilet paper rolls today.  They ran out of Dial Nutriskin but shall check another store later.  The deal with CVS is they give you extra bucks reward after your purchase that can be used on your next purchase (you do need to have a CVS rewards card too).  The idea is that you roll the rewards onto your next purchase (if its another extra bucks rewards you end up not paying a lot out of pocket and just keep getting freebies after freebies).  So if you can do two transactions try this:

Transaction 1
 Dove shampoo get your $4.49 extra bucks reward

Transaction 2
Dial Nutriskin Body wash $5.49
Minus $4.49 extra bucks reward from transaction 1
Use this coupon here
Total out of pocket = ZERO
Get back $4.50 for your next purchase.  Check back next week to see what we can roll the $4.50 on.

Don't forget to check this post out too to get 2 free toilet paper while you are at CVS (providing your store have the scanners)  I got mine today too!  Yay!  Ends Saturday 4/17.


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