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I got into the Bic Soleil Sunshine House Party and this is what I received today to host my party.  This is my fourth House Party and this has to tie closely with the Land of Lakes Cheese House Party where I was given 14 LOL labeled Martini Glasses as giveaways, the Sex in the City DVD and free coupons to go buy LOL cheese to make appetizers to host a movie night.  I won't divulge the entire content of the Bic Soleil party packs so to surprise my guests who might be reading this post, but let me tell you the party pack is nice.  For those wondering what the House Party is, well its a website that invites you to host a party with your friends and family whilst promoting products.  They have a lot of parties that you can apply for and if invited you promise to host the party, invite friends and family and promote the product and then provide feedback on their website.  There's no selling, buying or begging - just an excuse to host a fun party.  Check the website out and go host a party. 

Here's a link to print a $2 coupon off a pack of Bic Soleil razor.  On Sunday Rite Aid will have the Bic Soleil razors for $3.99 after a $2 rebate.  So pair this $2 and get the razors for $1.99 after rebate and coupon. If you get the Sunday paper there is a $3/1 coupon in the P&G booklet so it will cost you 99c after rebate and coupon.  Not free but I'm just doing my job ; ) 


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