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Free Birthday cake

I made this cake for my son's 5th birthday family party this Saturday and you guessed it, I made the cake using ingredients that were free (well except for the eggs, although I did use a coupon for the Egglands best eggs).  Its not that hard to make a cake, although I don't like frosting cakes as they never quite look as good as what comes out of a professional bakery, however, I can't resist a freebie or a challenge.  So far I've made pirate ships and a hello Kitty cake and numerous cup cakes for the class party. 

How to do it:

I picked up the Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting all for free a while back at Acme supermarket.  So whenever I see a good frosting and cake mix coupon e.g. 50c/1 I cut them out from the Sunday paper inserts or print them out and save them till a deal comes up. 

Betty Crocker Newsletter

The above link takes you to a sign up for Betty Crocker email alerts.  This site has awesome printable coupon so sign up and print away.

I google my party theme idea and look up cakes that others have made and take my idea.

Happy cake making!


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