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Free Dr Scholl's InSoles sample

click here to sign up for a free sample of Dr Scholl's high heel inserts for ladies.  I can't wait to get mine for work.

Note: 5/10 - you only get one sample i.e. for one foot - how ridiculous - but I got one in my All You Magazine so shall pair it up.  If you have 2 addresses to send it to then you can pair them up.


Rockin Momma said:

Pairing them up won't work unless each one is a different foot. Since the come shaped for one foot and they are two sided, one has a sticky like side to stick in your shoe, you can't really flip them over.

The Freebie Junkie said:

I think I might write them a note. Whats the point of a sample when you can't really use it fully.

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