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Bic Soleil Giveaway- 3 Winners notified

Note: 5/16 9pm - The 3 lucky winners of The Freebie Junkie's first giveaway have been picked and an email from my email account has been sent.  Check your emails and respond within 24 hours with where I should send your Bic Soleil Giveway. 

Don't forget to subscribe to The Freebie Junkie or 'like' on Addcited to Freebies facebook page to be up to date on the latest freebie deals.  I'll be posting another freebie soon - so keep watching.

I'm hosting my first Freebie Junkie Giveaway

I am participating in the Bic Soleil Party this Friday (from House Party) and have 3 (THREE) Bic Soleil party favors to give away:

Each party favor consists of:
- $3 Bic Soleil Bella Shaver 3-pack coupon expires 12/31/10
- Bic Soleil Bella razor
- Pink ear phones
- Colored zippered sunglass case

3 winners will be selected randomly, there are several ways to enter and each person can enter once in each category  - the more categories you participate in the more entries you can submit

email me at to let me know which category(s) you entered - please leave me your email address so I can validate your entry(s)

1) "Like" Addicted to Freebies on Facebook

2) Post following comment on in the Bic Soleil section "Love the Bic Soleil party favor from"

3) "Like" Bic Soleil on Facebook and post the following comment "Love the Bic Soleil party favor from"

4) Follow me on "Google Friend Connect"

5) Email subscribe to my blog - see link to the right

6) Tweet about me on Twitter "Win a Bic Soleil Party favor from"

7) Refer a friend - Send an email to with your friends email address after they complete any of the above (unlimited entries)

8) Make a comment to this post and tell me how addicted to couponing you are

For those who are already a fan on facebook (Addicted to Freebies) or email subscribe to my blog then you are automatically entered.

Giveaway closes on Sunday 23rd May at 6 pm EST and winners will be notified Monday 24th May via email.

Click here to grab some other prizes courtesy of Bic Soleil: "There are thousands of fun, sharable prizes in the BIC® Soleil® 100 Days of Sunshine promotion. Join now!


The Freebie Junkie said:

I'll start the comment off to answer "How addicted to couponing are you?" - My cleaner threw away my large stash of inserts and I went through the trash to dig them out" LOL

Anonymous said:

I am so addicted to coupons that I never leave home without my binder. My husband and children also know if we are going out make sure you grab mom's binder or we will be turning around for it.

Unknown said:

I know I have a coupon problem, but it's a good one. I can not go out to eat anywhere without first looking for a coupon for that place, either on line, or in the Entertainment book. I will even change my families mind if we were going to one place and I found a coupon for a better place. I love saving money. I have even gotten many of my friends and family into couponing and finding the best deals. But sites like yours really make saving fun!! Thanks!!

Andrea said:

I love couponing so much..I'm offically known as the coupon queen of the family. When we go out to dinner or lunch. I'm always asked so do you have a coupon?

The Minister's Wife said:

I am so addicted to couponing that it has even spilled over to my family. My husband will go buy something now and assure he did so with a coupon.

Anonymous said:

I am so addicted to couponing that it's contagious! I've spread the fever to all the other moms in my building.... we all get together out on the landing once a week and do a coupon swap!

Unknown said:

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