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Other free items through ebates

From my other post, we discussed the pink lunch bag and how its a moneymaker at Taste of home via ebates.  Well I just brought two and I was looking around in the clearance section and found many more items that I wanted to buy.  These would be great stocking stuffers - yes I'm starting to think Christmas although we're in May. 

Here are some things that caught my eye and I thought you'd might want to get for free at Taste of Home via ebates
Item # 38071 Bagel server $3.50 + $1 shipping = MONEYMAKER

Snowman kitchen timer Item # 32067 $1.99 + $1 = MONEYMAKER

2 measuring glasses Item # 37780 $2.99 + Shipping = MONEYMAKER

Item # 41476 $4.99 + $1 shipping - not quite free after ebates but great for birthday parties.

So sign up via ebates and then in the search button type in Taste of Home.  A tracking number will be generated and will take you to the Taste of Home page.  Search using the item numbers or go look in clearance and purchase the item.  Don't forget to use code # 1131 for $1 shipping.  Once you've made the purchase and its shipped to you, ebates will credit you $5 for being a first sign up and then you'll also get back 5% on your purchase.  Once you've reached $5.01 in rewards (which you will have done so in this transaction), ebates will cut you a check. 

Don't forget to use ebates for all your other online shopping.  Ebates change their reward % all the time but they are pretty good returns and soon add up.  Check out my previous post.


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