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2 Free bottles of Got2B Smooth Operator Lotion

I am a BzzAgent and I received a campaign to promote the New Got2B Smooth Operator products.  In my pack I received a free coupon for a Got2B smooth Operator smoothing lustre lotion or a smoothing hairspray, plus $2.50/1 coupons to give to friends.

I took this free coupon to Rite Aid today and found the Got2B products on BOGO so I used my free coupon to get 2 for free.  I will share the free one with my friend.  I decided instead of giving my friends (bzzz) the $2.50/1 coupon I'll do the following transaction at Rite Aid to ensure they get a full bottle (how thoughtful).

Buy 2 Got2B smoothing lustre lotion or a smoothing hairspray ($6.49 after BOGO)
Use $3/1 Got2B Rite Aid coupon (sign up and watch Got2B video and then print) 
Use $2.50/1 Got2B manufacturer coupon from Bzz Agent campaign
Out of pocket = 99 cents for 2 bottles

Although I have straight hair I do have errant pieces of hair on the top of my head that likes to stick straight up (spoiler - this is what happens after you have kids).  So I tried the smoothing lustre lotion to assist.  I liked the bottle design - very unique compared to the other products on the market, I think the design is aimed more at the younger generation e.g. teens and twenty somethings but that doesn't matter to me as in my head I still feel like I'm 18.  There was a cute charm attached, I'll keep it for my daughter and attach it to one of her many handbags (she's 3).  There is a dispenser which is nice - no mess.  I liked the smell - I'm not a big fan of over pungent fragrances - it reminded me of fizzy candy but not so overwhelming that you smell like a kid that ate a huge bag of candy.  Well Got2B did the trick and helped smooth and make my hair look lustrious - I will include this in my 5 minute beauty routine (I'm a get up and go kind of person).  I wonder if it will help my 3 year old with her half straight half curly hair (she inherited the curly from hubby's side).

I highly recommend being a Bzz Agent - I've received several campaigns such as Children's Claritin, Health Harvest Omega 3 vitamins, puffs lotion tissues.  The only stipulation is that you bzzz your friends via face to face contact, facebook, blogs, emails and twitter etc... i.e. promote via word of mouth.


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