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50 Swag bucks for your birthday

Swag bucks is offering 50 Swag bucks on your birthday - so enter your birthday details in your account.  Not got a Swag bucks account then sign up here.  I'm on my way to earning my third $5 online code through swag bucks.  It takes 450 swag bucks to redeem the online code (there are many other rewards e.g. target and starbucks gift cards). 

All I've been doing is quick searches 3 times a day (using key words found on swag bucks) and doing the daily polls.  Periodically, there will be swag codes or hints that will pop up on their twitter or blog and I have been tweeting with hints too (my twitter account is Freebie Alerts).  How easy is that!

There's a new Summer Swag program too whereby there will be at least 5 swag codes to enter.  Plus every day for every 7th search win the highlighted high value swag bill on the site that day will be offered.  This will help boost your swag bucks tremendously! 

Go sign up - its free plus you'll get 30 swag bucks just for signing up!  For new members sign up with code SUMMEROFSWAG to get an additional 20 swag bucks (code expires June 11th).  With the birthday swag bucks you'll get 100 Swag bucks just for signing up.


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