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Free English Muffin Melt

Heads up - call your local Subway this Tuesday on June 8 to see if they are giving away a free English Muffin Melt (between 7-11 am). 

I scored two Chick Fil A spicy sandwiches and a Philly Cheesesteak Pretzel in the last 2 weeks.  These add up, lunch is not cheap anymore.  Whatever happened to a $5 lunch which included a good sandwich and drink - now we're looking at $8-$10.

Thanks to Mojo Savings

I think someone heard me about lack of cheap lunches.  Well Quizno stepped up and is offering this coupon to get lunch (small sub, chips and drink for $2.99).  Thats an awesome deal.  Print and keep in your wallet for when the mood strikes.