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Free workout at curves

I'm back on my health kick again - I'm at that age now where I eat the same as I did in my 20s and I start putting on weight (GRRRRRR) - ok those extra snacks at my desk doesn't help but thats not the point : )   So I've been using my pedometer to increase my activity and now it seems I have to step it up some more - well I have a Curves on my way to work so maybe between the pedometer and elliptical workouts at home I can squeeze in a free workout at Curves on Tuesdays before going to work.  If you are interested sign up here to make an appointment to try the free workouts on Tuesdays (3 visits)!  Since being interested in Curves I've seen Curves locations everywhere.  Isn't that funny how that goes.  Its like when you buy a car and you start noticing everyone is driving the same car you like


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