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How does your garden grow? - update

Here is a pictures of my veggie garden taken yesterday (June 25th).  Its taken off so quick!  We attribute it to the good mixture of mushroom soil, manure and water.

This is the pic taken from a few weeks back (June 12th), what a difference!

Here are some pics of the little fruit thats sprouting so far

3 Zucchini sprouting from 1 plant - I have 5 plants growing right now - the leaves are like giant banana leaves.  I like to make a chocolate zuhiccini banana bread.  I'll post recipe later.

Here is a baby cucumber growing - I grew a mixture of Burpee Burpless and pickling cucumber but they are so intermingled right now I'm not sure which is which but once they grow bigger I'll know.  I've never pickled cucumbers but will try now - anyone have any good recipes to share?  I have them all growing up plastic canes as you can grow more this way!  Its fun to see them take off.

I have various varieties of tomatoes from beef steak and plum and roma.  I intend to make tomato sauce with the roma and plum and freeze for the winter. 

I grew the beefsteak for fun, I did grow cherry but they didn't survive but we'll trade with the neighbor who's growing his veggie garden side by side.

I'm growing peas here and also some green beans.  I harvested a handful yesterday!  Looking forward to trying these out.

Here are my carrots - they are a little too close but its my first year so we'll see how they do.

We are growing red pepper here.  My neighbor is growing all kinds of hot pepper so we'll trade.  We intend to make a killer salsa from our garden so can't wait to eat the fruits of our labor.  I have the cilantro growing in my herb garden, the neighbor has the green onion - all we need is the chips and margaritas and we're all set : )

I've already bagged about 10 bags of lettuce.  Its like a week as soon as you harvest some leave more keep popping up.  We've given a lot away to friends and family and we've eaten a few at dinner.  Its so nice not to have to go pay $2-$3 for salad now.

I moved some of my Burpee Mammoth Sunflowers from the veggie garden to the outside as I didn't want them sucking up all the nutrients.  They seemed to have survived.  My nieghbor will pass on a recipe for good roasted sunflower seeds.

I grew some Burpee Teddy bear sunflowers (Smaller versions) in pots - so am eager to see these flower.

Remember my gigantic Marigolds - well they finally flowered.  Its so pretty.


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