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How to make a diaper cake

I've had a few people ask me how I made my diapers cakes.
Here are some photos to show you how easy it is.

STEP 1 - wrap individual diapers
Roll an individual diaper up and secure with an elastic band, repeat until all diapers are secured individually.  I used size 2  diapers since these roll up big and fat compared to a new born size and you only need to use 1 or 2 jumbo packs depending on how big you want your diaper cake.  For my cake below I used 2 jumbo packs.

STEP 2 - make the base and backbone

I used a bottle of baby shampoo/wash for my middle to make a good solid backbone.  I then placed my individually wrapped diapers around the bottle encircling it and used an elastic band to hold them all in place.  Here I went round three times and then covered the elastic band with ribbon.

STEP 3 - Make the middle
I wrapped the top part of the bottle with 2 layers of wrapped diapers and again secured them all with an elastic band and then ribbon.

STEP 4 - make the top
I made a topper using 2 layers of diapers and placing it on top of the middle and base.  Again I placed ribbon around the elastic bands and then decorated the top. 

For my cousins gift I wrapped the cake in clear cellophane and tied it off with ribbon. 
Super easy and beautiful.

If you are planning on making one then don't forget the HOT CVS huggies diaper deal on 6/20.  You can score a large box of diapers for just $3.99.


Ginger said:

These make the greatest gifts for new mommy! My mother made me one for my second child and the diapers lasted forever! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

ediapercakes said:

Thats a really adorable girlie diaper cake!

Diaper Cakes said:

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