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I'm Freecycling the kids toys

Editor's Note 6/7:  All toys/items are spoken for.  Thank you to all that responded. 
Please consider freecycling.
We're freecycling a few of the kids toys as they have outgrown them and we need the space for the new toys they've just accumulated.  Here are pics of all of the items to be freecycled!  if you are not familiar with freecycle, then its a site where you can offer up anything that can be reused to your local community.  The goal is to recycle so that others can reuse your item and also most importantly so it doesn't go to the landfill and sit there forever.

I'm offering it up to the doylestown site.  If you are in close proximity to the 18901 zip code then email me at if you are interested in coming to pick anything up.  First come first basis.

I love freecycle as I've picked up a lot of things for the kids over the last few years and now for me I'm freecycling so someone else can get use out of these toys that still have plenty of life left in them.  Doesn't it feel good to purge - Make a Change - what can you freecycle?


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