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Just tried the free Chick Fil A Spicy Sandwich

I just went with my friend to try out the free Chick Fil A Spicy Sandwich. 
If you haven't signed up yet then click here as there are still some more spots available for this week.  You will be invited personally by the Manager of your store that you pick for a free tasting. 

We went to the Montgomery Mall (in PA) and were met by the nice Chick Fil A staff.  We were presented with a full size Chick Fil A spicy sandwich and a free drink.  Also we were given a coupon to come back to try another Spicy Chicken sandwich when they are available to the general public and also we could choose a free gift (choice of a Chick Fil A stuffed cow toy, Chick Fil A coozie with water bottle or Chick Fil A stress ball - I think the free drink and free gift promotion varies with each store).  I chose the stuffed cow toys for my kids.

My friend and I both liked the sandwich.  It is spicy but the drink certainly helps - its not super spicy if you are worried but there is definetely a spicy kick that can clear your sinuses.  The chicken was a nice healthy size and definetely fresh tasting. I will certainly come back to try it again.

Thank you to the Montgomery Mall Manager Mike Endicott and his team.


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