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My free diaper cake

I made this diaper cake out of 2 jumbo packs of Huggies diapers - I got these for free last week at Rite Aid where I stacked the $3/1 manufacturer coupon, Rite Aid $2 rebate and $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon with the $8.99 a pack sale. 

This was so easy to make, I rolled each diaper up and secured each with a rubber band.  For the bottom layer, I wrapped each individual rolled diaper around a bottle of baby shampoo/wash and secured the whole thing with a large rubber band.  I added two more layers to yield 3 layers total.  For the middle layer I repeated the layering to make 2 layers total.  For the top layer I sat 2 layers of diapers wrapped together.  Then I tied contrasting ribbon around each layer to cover up the rubber bands.  For the top I tied some fancy ribbon.  I prefer the minimalistic look - However, I have seen some diaper cakes covered in cute things such as binkies, wash cloths, diaper pins, bottles etc..

I'm taking this to my cousin's baby shower this weekend.


Anonymous said:

What size diapers did you use?

The Freebie Junkie said:

After having 2 kids I realised that new Mom's need bigger sizes, my kids grew so quick that I was in size 1-2 in no time. So this diaper cake is made from size 2. plus using larger size diapers means you will use less diapers to make it. hope this helps

TheCakeTop said:

So impressed that you pulled off getting diapers FOR FREE! Awesome! Diaper cakes can be so expensive to make, so that's just awesome!

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