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Free $20 Sam's Club Gift card when you join Sam's Club

Sam’s Club announced on their Facebook Page that they are giving all new members who join between now and August 1st a $20 gift card (membership starts at $40 a year)!

They also offer collegiate memberships for college students. When students sign up for a new or renew their existing membership, they will receive a $15 gift card. Plus anyone who refers a student to Sam’s Club will get a $10 gift card when they purchase their collegiate membership.  So Mom's sign up your kids!

HERE is a one day shopping pass! (You do have to pay a 10% service charge on your purchase.)

Thanks Who Said Nothing in Life is free

If you have a Sam's club nearby, do not have membership and do not want to pay the membership fee, Sam's club is letting non-members shop for three days in early August (August 6, 7 & 8).  Basically try Sam's Club for free.  Sam's club has not officially announced to the public yet but watch out for more details.

Find a Sam's Club near you here

We're already members to Costco since Sam's club is further away.  I can normally get a lot of products for free or near free with coupons, but we joined Costco since my company offers a really good discount compared to the regular fees and we can buy bulk items that do not have coupons and also its great place to buy bulk food for big parties.

Thanks Kathy for the heads up to this article


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