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Free Bow-Accent Top

Item # 21 45644

I found this cute little top at Spiegel.  Here's how to get it for free if you are new to ebates.

Sign up for ebates
After sign up search for Spiegel
A tracking ticket will be made and then take you to Spiegel's website
Search for item # 21 45644 (size small only)
Checkout and enter promotional code 6085466 (not sure if this is correct code: 6089439) to take $10 off (this is a $10/$10 online code)
Shipping is $4.99
You'll get back $5 cashback via ebates upon first sign up (which covers shipping)
Also you'll get 2.5% cashback (which is a little moneymaker for you)

If you already have an ebates account then you'll pay $4.99 for shipping plus get 2.5% back.  So not bad for a cute top for date night with hubby.

Take a look at clearance and look for items under $15

Thanks Mojo Savings for the $10/$10 code

Here are another items that I like - something to spice up bedtime ; )

$14.99 item # 21 A3136

$12.99 item # 21 60863 (size 7 in black only)

$11.00 item # 24 53567 (moneymaker)


Anonymous said:

correct code 6085466

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