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Free KFC Grilled Doublicious

My friend and I picked up our free KFC Grilled Doublicious at lunch today.  We were hesitant what with the last KFC/Oprah fiasco, but they took the printed email to try a free Doublicious* without hesitancy.  If only, they were fast on the service - but thats another story for another day.

I picked up the Grilled Chicken and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.  The bread used is the Hawaiian bread which gives it a sweet taste while the savory taste comes from the chicken and condiment sauce.  A nice combination and a nice freebie.

I've joined and shall be featuring some of my freebie deals on there too through picture stories, so sign up and join me.

Note: This deal expires today otherwise I would have alerted you to it earlier.  For those in PA who wants to do this deal for dinner tonight print this off and take to the participating locations on the printout.  Enjoy.

* Had to buy a large drink = $1.80 after tax - not bad for a sandwich and large drink.


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