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Free Vacation

We just booked our family trip today - yay!

The air tickets were all paid for using frequent flyer miles and credit card miles, we're staying at my Brothers so free place to stay.  Just need to come up with spending money now : )

Anyhoo - this post is an example of how you can work towards a free vacation for your family. 

We charge a lot of our bills and shopping to our credit card.  We collect the points and either cash out or redeem for airline tickets, rewards, gift cards etc..  It does take a while to collect enough to cash out for something worthwhile (in our case 6 years) but free is free!  Luckily my husband travels for work so he racks up frequent flyer and hotel miles.  Everything helps.

Other free vacation methods are detailed below:

I've signed up with Marlboro and periodically they have these fun giveaways, right now I just signed up to get a free bottle opener or you can choose one of the other gifts above.  In the past I've gotten an inflatable raft, Coleman sleeping bag, breakfast at Ruth Chris's restaurant and the best was Drafting and Iroc racing at Dover Speedway.  My dream is to go on the Marlboro ranch vacation.  I know a friend of a friend who went so it can happen to me ; )

Sign up below to win a vacation to Colorado.  I've never been and would love a summer vacation there.

Click Here
Happy freebie vacation everyone!


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