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Freebies at Toysrus

I signed the kids up years ago for the Toysrus Geoffrey's Birthday Club.  Kids aged between 1 and 10 oops typo 3 are eligible to get a birthday card and a $3/$3 coupon in the mail. 

Today we passed Toysrus and so we stopped off to use their coupon.

For my son we got 2 packs of Topps baseball cards for free, we were shy by 2 cents and so to get over the $3 mark to use the coupon we brought some silly bandz (the 12pk ones at the register were 99 cents).

For my daughter we got 3 packs of Silly bandz for free (12 pk = 99 cents - again we had to buy another pack to get over the $3 mark).

I had some very happy campers.

BTW - They had a lot of items for 75% off but we didn't have time to scout around.


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