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Heads Up: More free SOBE next week

Heads Up - the week of 8/1 (next weekend) CVS is having their B1G1 Sobe Sale AGAIN!  I've been playing the SOBE game everyday and have scored so many printable B1G1 coupons its not funny!  The beauty of the SOBE game is that you can score these B1G1 printable coupon very easily to which you can print 2 coupons per computer.  The bonus is each time you win a new printable B1G1 coupon these can be printed from the same computer as the Bricks link is unique for each win.  Thus, many many printables and thus many many bottles of SOBE for FREE at CVS next week.  I'm on my last 3 bottles from the last Free Stockup.

Oh yes, forgot to mention you can also win free SOBE coupons (mailed to you), t-shirts, flip flops and other cool prizes.  I've won many B1G1 coupons and 4 free SOBE coupons (I'm still waiting on these to be sent to me).  No Flip Flops yet ; (

I'm giving away 2 Bricks links on my facebook page (Addictedtofreebies), which means 4 free SOBE drinks next weekend - enter now.


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