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How does your garden grow update

Hubby picked the carrots tonight.  Aren't they cute!  They taste good too and look how orange they are.  Mother nature sure is inventive.

I pickled another batch of pickling cucumbers tonight.  I used a different recipe (

With all the rain we've finally been getting I should be getting some more pickling cucumbers tommorow.  So I'll search for a good spicy pickled cucumber recipe.

Our tomato plants are growing like crazy, tonne of green fruit - waiting patiently to make some good red sauce.

If I am not too exhausted I'll make another batch of Chocolate Zucchini Bread tommorow night too as I have 3 huge zucchini on my counter ready to be used.

I love organic gardening!


Rockin Momma said:

They look great! I wish I had more room, I'd plant everything. We've got Tomatoes and peppers planted here and my dad has more of the same and green beans, corn and a few other things.

We made Salsa tonight. MMM good!

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