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Liamsworld - what is the world coming to?

I was driving to work this morning and the radio hosts were discussing when is it too young..... well I find out that Liam McDermott - 3 year old son of D listers Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott has his own Twitter account called Liamsworld and is a montage of daily quotes as dictated to his Mom. 

Can you believe this little boy has 25,500+ followers?  Now what can a 3 year old say that motivates 25,500+ followers?  I'm not getting it?  They can borrow my 3 year old for the day if they need daily quotes.  She will give you a run for your money as my little 3 year old has quite the little attitude under that sweet sweet smile.  Maybe, I need to set up a Twitter account for my little Fuzzy Boots - it will consist of "I don't like you" and Gimme that now".  Instead, little Liam talks about vampires. 

Surely, people would rather be getting Freebie Alerts from none other than moi?  Doesn't learning how to bring home nearly $400 worth of groceries/household goods for free and getting paid $30 worth subscribing too?  How about learning how to stack 2 coupons, a mail in rebate and store rebate and not be handcuffed and escorted out by store security.  I don't know, people have their priorities in the wrong spot.  Well to that said, I joined the bandwagon and am adding another 3 year old to the mix.


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