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Still in a Pickle

Yep I'm still in a pickle : )

I made another batch of pickled cucumbers tonight as I've accumulated quite a few cucumbers from my organic garden over the last week. This will be a total of 15 quart jars of pickled cucumbers to date, plus they are still growing. Who thought I'd be canning so many in my first organic gardening project.

The batch that I pickled tonight was the bread and butter kind - I know why they taste so good - it requires a tonne of sugar.  I used Mrs Wages bread and butter pickle mix. 

It was super easy, I added the mix to distilled vinegar, sugar and sliced pickle cucumbers, canned (canning process) and voila.

5 jars later

Check out the last pickled cucumber recipes here and my How does your Garden Grow Series.  I tasted my first batch of pickled cucumbers the other day,  They were a bit too vinegary but I diluted the mix down, stuck it back in the fridge and tasted today and its actually very good.

My zucchini plants were done producing - so took them out of the ground.  Plan to sow some more carrot seeds in that spot soon for fall harvest.  I took out my old lettuce plants and planted new lettuce seeds and spinach seeds this weekend for fall harvest.

Tonight I picked 3 georgeous Burpee Black Beauty Eggplant.  I have at least 8 more growing too.  Now got to search for a kid and husband friendly recipe (oops I meant family friendly recipe).  I love egg plant parmesan - I had quite a few when I was pregnant, I think they might like it but I need to look for another recipe else just in case.

We have some beautiful Burpee mammoth sunflowers growing - I have around 10 mammoth sunflower plants plus around 15 Burpee Teddy Bear Sunflowers in pots.  I will definetely be growing a lot more next year.  I need to figure out how to get the seed out and roast them. 

Hope this inspires you all to grow your own vegetable gardens next year or why don't you start a veggie garden now using fall vegetable seeds (e.g. brocolli, cauliflower, rabe etc..).  Its so rewarding on many levels!


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