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TGIF - Mega Swag Bucks Day

Don't forget its Mega Swag Bucks Day today.   Make your searches today as you might get a large amount of Swag Bucks today.

Here are some easy free ways to earn swag bucks:

Search: Search daily with keywords and you will be rewarded with Swag bucks

Special Offers - click on ways to earn at the top of the page (near the left side), then click on “Special Offers”, then click on the “GO NOW” under view our NO Obligation Offers (to the right of the screen)! Then you skip through 5- 7 offers, and then you receive your Swagbucks!!

Daily Polls: click on “ways to earn” at the top of the page (near the left side), then click on “Daily Poll”, answer a question and earn a Swagbuck!

Toolbar: Download the toolbar and there will be swag codes posted frequently which you can submit for Swagbucks

Blog: Check the Swagbucks blog for hidden codes

What to do with the Swag Bucks:
Redeem them for prizes - I have my eye on the Amazon online gift cards

If you haven't signed up then sign up here you will automatically get signed up with 30 points.
Go click away guys.


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