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Check your emails for the Psst General Mills My Get Together

I just got an email today for a survey to see if I wanted to participate in hosting an event for General Mills - ooh yes please.

Click here to sign up for hosting events to sample General Mills products.  If you are familiar with then this is General Mill's own version.  Here is some info for you to decide whether this is for you!  I love hosting parties so I sign up for everything : )

Do you enjoy hosting? Do you like trying the latest products and sharing them with friends? Then MyGetTogether is right for you! And it is easy to participate.

To participate in MyGetTogether, you will need to be a member of General Mills’ Pssst... network. Pssst... lets you try new products, take part in surveys, get exclusive, behind-the-scene looks at the company, as well as coupons from General Mills’ many brands.

Pssst... members may be contacted via email when there are possible MyGetTogether hosting opportunities. Or you may find upcoming events listed on your Personal Page.

You may be invited to take a short online survey to see if you qualify to host a particular event. Not all get-togethers will be available to everyone, but there will be plenty of opportunities.

If selected as a host, you will be responsible for arranging the get-together (with our help!) and inviting friends.

Tell us how it went! After the get-together, we want to hear from you and your experience with the product. We value your opinion and want to continue offering only the best.

ps I got into the Thai Kitchen House Party - yippee - and today I signed up for the Tombstone Halloween House party in October.  I love hosting parties - great excuse to get together with your friends and I double date and host playdates too.


Amani S. said:

Congrats on the Thai Kitchen House Party. I got the Star Wars Clone Wars party. Needless to say my 7 year old is beyond excited. Thanks for the info on Pssst. I just registered there. Wish me luck.

The Freebie Junkie said:

Congrats on the Star Wars Clone Wars Party Amani - thats awesome for your son! I can't wait to find a party for the kids. So far my House parties are food related or not really for kids (e..g Bic Soleil razors).

Children Teaching Mama said:

That's awesome! i didnt even know about that house party website! Thanks for posting. :)

simplyme89 said:

how exciting!
i'm new to this so hopefully get the chance to start something new and fun! good luck to you both

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