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Free $50 restaurant Gift Card with Wedding Registry sign up


Anyone getting married soon?  If so here's a free $50 restaurant gift card so you can take a break from the wedding plans.

Mark from a Simpler Wedding Registry contacted me to let you know that you can get a free $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice when you use A Simpler Bridal Shower Registry for your wedding gift registry. See site for complete details.

What I like about this registry is that you are not locked down to one online store.  You can pick a whole array of stores online which means you can not only choose your staple items like kitchen knives but how about adding a mattress or airline gift cards to the mix.  Guests can then compare prices online and pick the best price for their budget.  You can also choose items that can't be found online too so guests are not completely locked into buying online.  I wish I had this registry when I was getting married.  Now Mark - a lot of my readers are Mom's - how about designing a baby registry using this great concept.

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Unknown said:

That's a great idea. With all the cute items out there to add to your baby registry, you need choices.

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