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How does your garden grow - update

Finally, my tomatoes ripened over the weekend.  We have Burpee Plum, Beef Steak and Brandy Wine Boy tomato varieties growing.  We made a delicious Spaghetti Bolognese dinner tonight with the fresh plum tomato and oregano and basil too - nothing like fresh organic vegetables.  The Ronzoni pasta was free too.

My pickled cucumbers are still going strong - they just need lots of water.  I'm excited to pickle some more as my last batch were awesome.

My eggplants are still going strong, I've harvested 4 so far and many more are still growing.  I have a tonne of green peppers too.

How does your garden grow?

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clschaan said:

I can't wait for mine to ripen! I've never heard of brandy wine boy before. I always look for neat varieties but this year I had a hard time finding any.

Last year I did golden boy .. they where bright yellow .. amazing!

The Freebie Junkie said:

Check out Burpee's online catalog - They have some great varieties. Target, Home Depot & Lowes had some of Burpees neat varieties. Next year I'm going to try some other varieties too. My neighbor brought home a purple pepper. I want to try that. I've also got a yellow pear tomato growing but it hasn't ripened yet. Its like a grape tomato but yellow in color.

rose forever said:

Congratulations for your amazing harvest! Your tomatoes are the best! I don't see tomatoes as big and healthy as yours! They are perfect! Fresh veggies are really delicious for recipes.

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