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Our Fun Free Day

I'm reporting back on our Fun Free Day

We hit Lowes at 10am and the kids had a blast making their bug box.  The Recommended age for attendees was Grades 1st - 5th - however my son who is 5 had no issues putting this together by himself.  My daughter needed help but had fun hitting the nails in.  There were a lot of other parents and kids there who were not in these grades too.

The kids also picked up their free apron, goggles, badge and certificate plus we all got a free Wendy's Frosty Slurpee Jr coupon (even the adults- yay).  I was very impressed by the activity and will definetely take the kids back. 

 The next Lowes activity is on August 21st and you can make a free school bus pencil box (get them in the mood for back to school).  Sign your kids up here.

The one after that is on 9/11 and you'll get to build a free Pet Leash holder

Home Depot has a similar free Build it program offered on the first Saturday of each month at all stores.

So we headed to Wendy's after for a quick bite and a slurpee.  Then onto the Disney Store.  We got there 15 minutes early and got into the event just in the nick of time as it was restricted to a certain number of kids.

The kids got to color in Phineas and Ferb

Then we watched a Phineas and Pherb Cartoon.

We got the Perry the Platypus inactive figurine but decided to take it home and work on it on Sunday as there was really no space to work with it at the store.

We didn't make it to Borders for "The adventures of Ook and Gluk" as we were all a bit pooped after the morning of fun activities.

If you spend a little time on the net you will be amazed at how many free activities there are for adults and kids in your local area.  I'm all about making lasting fun memories with my kids and these free events help make them a little more sweeter for my purse strings.

Tommorow, as well as making the Perry the Platypus inactive figurine, I'll be making candy Gummies with the kids.  Glee Gum is a sponsor of my Blogmania 2010 giveaway extravaganza and the kids and I will be reviewing the candy making kit in order to report back and promote my early giveaway entries.  Be on the look out for this post.

Plus I need to squeeze in some more canning.  I have a big basketful of plum tomatoes ready to be canned, plus cucumbers ready for pickling.  No rest for the wicked ; )


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