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Review: Wow a site that not only saves you money, but it pays you money while also paying it forward too

Its so easy to save money online these days through the vast number of online websites.  I never shop online without first finding a sale, coupon code and going through a cash back site.  This I call super stacking and its amazing what you can get for free with a little online searching and creativity in super stacking. 



I'm excited to find that Coupon Chief is taking online couponing up to a new and unchartered level.  Thanks to Coupon Chief, you can make money just by uploading coupons and sharing the savings.  Every time someone uses a coupon you've uploaded, Coupon Chief will give you 2% of the sales.  So next time you browse through the web looking for a coupon code - check coupon chief and see if they have the code - if not sign up, download and just sit back and relax... and decide how you want to get paid.  If you are as addicted to couponing as me you'll be checking coupon chief a million times a day to see how many people used your coupon.  I just saw someone under the name of "Hamlet" has downloaded 608 coupons and the next person 471, wow I wonder what their checks look like.


 For those shopping you can find the latest and greatest online coupon codes on both their website and facebook page.  If you are like me and like to "make a change", Coupon Chief's Coupons-4-Causes will support your favorite cause every time you shop.  Just use Coupon Chief's coupons for your online shopping, and they'll donate up to 20% of the purchase to your favorite charity, school, or church.

Wow a site that not only saves you money, but it pays you money while also paying it forward too.  What will they think of next?

Disclaimer: Coupon Chief  provided me compensation for the review, but it does not affect my review and opinion on the product.  This is written based on my own honest opinion (other peoples opinions may vary).


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