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Review: Zhu-niverse Tour 2010

We were lucky enough to be an inaugural member of the Zhu Crew at the Please touch Museum in Philadelphia today.

In anticipation of the event we received from Mom Select, Zhu-Zhu pets, a Pizza Hut Gift card and Zhu Zhu Flo Dance instructional DVD to learn the Zhu Zhu Flo dance which is a rocking hip hop dance with lots of silly moves. My kids and their friends decided they were too camera shy and did not want to perform on camera, but it was funny to see them do the moves.  You can learn the Zhu Zhu Flo Dance for yourself.... its so funny and addictive.

Here are my children showing off their new Zhu-niverse pets and the Zhu Zhu pets they received at Christmas.

We got to the Please Touch Museum early as we knew rain was in the forecast.  Low and behold 15 minutes after arriving the sky opened up and a torrential downpour was upon us.  However, my kids and their friends were able to access the fun games and activities before the downpour.

My son tackles the Kung Zhu training ground

Inside the gaming tent, the kids and adults played the latest, adventure-packed Zhu Zhu Pets game on Nintendo DS by Activision.

The kids loved checking out the Kung Zhu Play Sets - Which Kung Zhu are you?

and there were also Zhu Zhu Play sets with some fun new additions.  Which Zhu are you?

Despite the rain, some of the activities were moved into the Please Touch Museum and we had a fabulous time at the Please Touch Museum too.  Thanks to Vince and the Zhu crew for keeping us dry and welcoming us to the fun event.  Check out the remaining tour stops and see if the fun will be in your neighborhood.

Its a great way to try before buying.  Now, I have been told that I NEED to go buy the WHOLE Kung Zhu accessories.  What will you buy?


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