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Focusing on $700 worth of Freebies Giveaway


We're taking a well earned vacation to see my family this week.    

Since Blogmania is just round the corner (September 15-16th to be precise) I will be focusing on the biggest freebie giveaway event itself as who wouldn't like to score $700+ worth of freebies from The Freebie Junkie's sponsors?  Or how about $40,000+ from 175 other bloggers.  Tommorow is the last day to enter the early entry giveaways so click here and scroll to the bottom to enter them all - the more you enter the higher the chance of winning - I recently won 2 prizes from other bloggers and know first hand it is feasible to win.

I have scheduled some fun posts prior to the Blogmania event where you can earn yourself some extra last minute entries, so come back Monday & Tuesday to see those and my friend Amy from Rockindeals4you will keep you Freebie Addicts supplied with the Drug Store Freebies - so check her blog out here and see what freebies you can score at the drug stores this week.

I'll be BACK as the Terminator likes to say.

No really, I'll be on periodically throughout the week as much as my family will allow ; )  and I'll also be notifying the randomly picked winners of Blogmania 2010 too ; )


Julie said:

Rubbing my hands gleefully lol-I can't wait for Blogmania-thanks

yanmaneee said:

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