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Hurry: Survey for a Free Dawn or Cascade

Head on over and take the Cleaning and Technology Survey, it is open to the Public from 09/03/10 to 11/30/10. Madej Media’s Cleaning and Technology Survey is designed to learn about how Americans use technology for cleaning in today’s modern era.

The Reward: For a limited time, participants will receive a Free sample pack of either Dawn® Hand Renewal® with Olay Beauty, for participants that wash dishes by hand, or Cascade® Complete® All-in-1, for participants with an automatic dishwasher, in exchange for completing the survey on this page.

I just finished, it says it takes 5-10 minutes but it only took me 2 minutes. I chose the Cascade. What did you choose? Click here to start

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EmmysBoosAndRawrs said:

hahaha, I got a kick out of

"How interested are you with your current washer/dryer"


"How interested are you with your current dishwasher"

I know they meant how satisfied are you, but it was weird. Made me wonder if it was spam? I filled it out anyway, I just didn't leave my email address just in case. It's nice that they didn't require your email address.

rosa said:

Page is unavailable

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