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Our fun day at Peddlars Village - nearly free


Today I took the day off as the kids school were observing Rosh Hashanah.  I was contemplating breaking down and taking them to Chuckie Cheese as we had some coins left over from a birthday party and "Chuckie Cheese is only for birthday parties" was not cutting it with my 5 year old anymore.  However, yesterday I posted an article "Giving Back Local" which was all about my fun time at the Bucks Happening's Happy Hour hosted kindly by Sweet Lorraines in Peddlers Village.  Well this inspired me to take them to Peddlers Village instead, not only will the kids have a great time with all the fun activities at GiggleBerry Fair but we get to check out the scarecrow displays and I get to do some retail therapy.

I used a BOGO coupon towards the activity pass at Giggleberry Fair, which I received as a runner up from a fellow blogger Giggleberry Fair giveaway.  Yes I had an ulterior motive - freebie coupon ; ). The kids had a blast at Giggleberry Mountain, Giggles Discover and the Grand Carousel.

While I was checking out Peddler's Village website directory last night, I went on a few of the stores facebook page to see if there were any deals and found that Town Crier Bakery were offering a free sticky Bun today. So off we went to get our sticky bun - it was delicious.  I discovered, the day before they were offering a free Danish of choice - fruity or cheese and Tuesday it was a free cupcake.  You never know before you go shop do some investigational work on facebook.

Town Crier's Display - Cupcrowcake

Well the only retail therapy that I did was for the kids - we picked up some great clothes at rock bottom price at the Peddlers Village Childrens Place outlet store using this printable 15% off coupon.  Never leave home without a coupon ; )

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