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$7 All You magazine is still available today

Update: Its still available today in  my Philadelphia area so if you didn't try yesterday then you can still get it

OK I've been so spoiled with free magazine subscriptions that I cannot bear to pay for any more magazines.  Even if the magazine offers great coupons and even free coupons in them such as the All you magazine that I love.  Well All You Magazine just never wants to offer a free magazine subscription so I've been holding out holding out.  I've seen it as low as $14 per year but even still I still can't bring myself to subscribe.

Well now I'm going to as Hip2save has this $7 deal scenario that makes it so much more appealing to me.  Yes a $7 saving is not much to some people but being spoiled with freebies makes $7 a huge amount.  Just think what you can buy for $7 when you pair it up with a sale, coupon, rebate etc... LOL

Deal scenario
* Sign to
Eversave is offering a $26 worth of magazine subscriptions from Blue Dolphin for ONLY $12!
if you’re new to Eversave, you’ll receive a $5 credit that you can use towards the purchase to get it down to $7
* Click on the “Buy Now” button
* Enter your contact and billing information
* Eversave will email you a link for a voucher that has a unique 13-digit code that you can use when you checkout at starting 2 days after your purchase.

So wait 2 days and then head to where you’ll be able to score a 1 year subscription to All You magazine + More! You see, a 1 year subscription to All You magazine is just $19.99, so you’ll be able to score an All You subscription AND you’ll have $6 left to go towards another magazine subscription (you could snag a subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine)!

For those with a Shopathome account sign in first, search for Bluedolphin magazines before buying your magazine and get 20% cashback too!  YAHOO

Those who are new to Shopathome you get $5 for first sign up too!  Only issue is you need $20 in cashback balance to get your cashback!  But if you intend to spend this Christmas then it will soon rack up.

This is the lowest price that I have ever seen!


katkoupon said:

You can also get 20% thru, and they offer $5 at first signup. You do need $10 cashbaq balance before they issue a check, so I use ebates and cashbaq. Sometimes one will offer more cashback than the other, and in the case of BlueDolphins magazine, ebates offers no cashback, but cashbaq offers 20%. Just thought I'd mention this; I've been using cashbaq for a couple of years, before I started extreme couponing, and I've never seen any of the deal sites mention them, just wondering why that is. I have only rec'd one check (about $16 this past february) since I don't do much shopping online, but I am due one next month for $13. Nice change for mama. :)

The Freebie Junkie said:

Hi KatKoupon, I posted a summary of all the cashback sites a while back and cashbaq was on my list. I typically list ebates because they offer an easy quick cashback with $5 for first sign on plus you cash out at $5.01. Cashbaq requires $10 which puts people off at first. Once they are familiar with ebates they tend to try others just so they can get the first sign on bonus. I've done cashbaq before and I spread the wealth among other cashback sites but after a while its hard to keep track. I can start promoting cashbaq if people are interested! Thanks for letting us know!

katkoupon said:

Thanks! Sorry I missed that post. Will have to go back to that one! I did this deal thru cashbaq and got the 20% ($3.99) credit. So my cost for the one-year subscription was $3.01!!! Thank you so much!!!

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