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Great Monday to a Gloomy Weekend

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I just found out I won the $55 CSN Store Certificate Giveaway on What I Fed my Family Today Blog.  YAY for me - Thanks Jeanette!


This is a welcome surprise for me and uplift after a gloomy start to the weekend. 

So after a drought filled Spring and Summer, we get the whole rain portion over 2 days which strained and failed our sump pump.  Friday night we were fishing out my whole finished basement.  Thanks to the guys in our neighborhood who helped us we were able to salvage a lot of items and they dried out on Saturday.  You know who your friends are and (not) during crisis mode.  Well, we are looking on the sunny side and thinking its time to purge anyway and also gives us a chance to clean all the kids toys from many a playdate.  All was not gloomy for the whole weekend as we managed to head out to Sesame Place on Sunday to take the kids minds off their basement. 

So if you are skeptical about blog giveaways I hope you have changed your mind as this is my fourth win on a blog giveaway and its a great way to read some fun blogs.

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