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HOT: All You Magazine subscription for $7 plus extra $6 to spend!

OK I've been so spoiled with free magazine subscriptions that I cannot bear to pay for any more magazines.  Even if the magazine offers great coupons and even free coupons in them such as the All you magazine that I love.  Well All You Magazine just never wants to offer a free magazine subscription so I've been holding out holding out.  I've seen it as low as $14 per year but even still I still can't bring myself to subscribe.

Well now I'm going to as Hip2save has this $7 deal scenario that makes it so much more appealing to me.  Yes a $7 saving is not much to some people but being spoiled with freebies makes $7 a huge amount.  Just think what you can buy for $7 when you pair it up with a sale, coupon, rebate etc... LOL

Deal scenario
* Sign to
Eversave is offering a $26 worth of magazine subscriptions from Blue Dolphin for ONLY $12!
if you’re new to Eversave, you’ll receive a $5 credit that you can use towards the purchase to get it down to $7
* Click on the “Buy Now” button
* Enter your contact and billing information
* Eversave will email you a link for a voucher that has a unique 13-digit code that you can use when you checkout at starting 2 days after your purchase.

So wait 2 days and then head to where you’ll be able to score a 1 year subscription to All You magazine + More! You see, a 1 year subscription to All You magazine is just $19.99, so you’ll be able to score an All You subscription AND you’ll have $6 left to go towards another magazine subscription (you could snag a subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine)!

For those with a Shopathome account sign in first, search for Bluedolphin magazines before buying your magazine and get 20% cashback too!  YAHOO

Those who are new to Shopathome you get $5 for first sign up too!  Only issue is you need $20 in cashback balance to get your cashback!  But if you intend to spend this Christmas then it will soon rack up.

This is the lowest price that I have ever seen!


Katkoupon said:

Thanks for posting this! I have been wanting an AllYou subscription as well (my free trial ended last month), and I did not want to fork out $15-$20 either. But $7 is great, so glad I waited! I just made my purchase from Eversave, piece of cake, just waiting on my voucher. Thanks, again!

The Freebie Junkie said:

Hi Katkoupon! I'm glad you did the deal too! $7 is awesome!

Pia said:

Hi Everyone!

We're really excited about today's Blue Dolphin Save! Thanks for helping us spread the word about Eversave!

Thanks again!


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