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How Does Your garden Grow Update

I haven't updated about my gardens for a few months now, September and October has been huge family travel months for us.  Pure pleasure and fun ; ) so the garden has taken a back seat.

Yesterday's weather was so nice that sitting in the house blogging was not an option so I enrolled my children to assist me in taking down the tomato plants.  While the tomato plants still had a lot of fruit on them we felt the need to close out the garden for the year.  Plus we had a bunch of field mice living there who happen to love red tomatoes.

The kids had a great time harvesting the tomato fruit.  This is just half of our harvest.  Although a majority of the fruit was green I'm going to try to ripen them inside - I tried to keep a lot of the stalk on the tomato and I left these on my front bay window sill to ripen in the sun.  If only half ripen I will still have a large amount for canning!

We harvested the eggplant and peppers too.  Hopefully the peppers will turn red inside too!

I left the lettuce, carrots and brocolli still intact.  Although the brocolli and carrot tops were demolished by animals - do field mice love brocolli and carrot?  I'm hoping the carrots below ground are ok.
What a great bountiful harvest year! Next year is a New Year.

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