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My ACME Freebies - Still time to do the deal today

I haven't been couponing too much at the grocery stores lately because of work, vacations, blogging and just life in general.  Today, I fell back on the wagon and oh my its soooo good.

Acme has a Conagra catalina deal whereby if you buy $25 worth of select items you get back a $10 catalina coupon.  The beauty of Acme is the $25 worth of product is based on the shelf price not actual sale price you use.  So I went in my lunch break with my friend and here's what I got.  Note conagra catalina deal ends today so hurry go shop.

Transaction 1
2 pillsbury cake mix 88 cents (Shelf price $2.19)
2 Pillsbury brownie mix 88 cents (Shelf Price $1.99)
4 Chef Boyardee mini microwave cups 88 cents (Shelf price $1.39)
3 Wesson Veg Oil $2.49 (Shelf Price $4.49)
Total paid $14.51 (Shelf Price = 27.39)
Got back $10 Catalina coupon

Transaction 2
4 Chef Boyardee cans 88 cents (Shelf price $1.69)
2 pillsbury cake mix 88 cents (Shelf price $2.19)
1 Pillsbury brownie mix 88 cents (Shelf Price $1.99)
3 Hunts Pudding 88 cents (Shelf Price $1.69)
1 Wesson Veg Oil $2.49 (Shelf Price $4.49)
1 Angel Soft Bath Toilet Tissue 12 pack $5.99 (Shelf Price $9.99)
Used $10 Catalina Coupon
Total paid = $7.28 (Shelf Price $32.68)
Got back $10 Catalina coupon for my next purchase

If you want to do the deal double check your shelf price as each store is different.

So from the 2 transactions I paid $21.79 and have a $10 catalina coupon to spend or roll over.

I might go back and do this deal after work
2 Angel Soft Bath Toilet Tissue 12 pack $5.99 (Shelf Price $9.99)
3 pillsbury cake mix 88 cents (Shelf price $2.19)
Use $10 catalina coupon
Total to pay = $4.62 (Shelf Price $26.55)
Really cheap toilet paper & chef boyardee!

I'm keeping the Chefboyardee for a rainy day - I don't usually let the kids eat this but this will be my go to when I'm desperate ; ).  I bake a lot of cakes and brownies for all the school functions and money raising activities and who doesn't need toilet paper and vegetable oil.

For a moneymaker freebie try this deal
10 Healthy Choice Soup for $8.88 (mine didn't have any soup left) - get back a $10 catalina coupon

Or this deal if you need to make a lot of brownies or cakes
or 2 pillsbury cake and brownie mix and with $10 catalina you only pay 56 cents

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Thank you anonymous for your kind words! I love freebies so why not share? Its all out there to grab - just need time and patience!

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