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Story Time For Me - Free Books for Everyone

My children's school has been promoting computer time from a very young age.  In my day (oh my, I'm sounding like my Mum) I got a manual type writer when I was a tween and had access to a computer at high school for projects.  At college, instant message was this DOS system with a black screen and flashing > key.  After school I try to give my kids some computer time too and usually it consists of fun learning sites like  I'm always on the lookout for other fun sites to keep my children entertained while I cook dinner after work.  

One such site is STORY TIME FOR ME which is a unique literary website perfect for kids ages 1-8.  I like the fact that you do not have to download any software onto your computer.  You simply read the books on their site.  There are 3 series to explore and 50 books to choose from.

My 5 year old son chose A Circus Adventure in the Ben The Mouse Series

My 3 year old daughter chose The Special Egg story in the Flame the Dragon Series

Both my children loved the stories and can't wait to read more books.  We loved the fact that the words are highlighted when spoken so aiding my Kindergartner in sightwords and the characters move around on the page which gives the animated feel that a regular book doesn't.  While the books are great learning tools don't forget to reinforce what your child has learnt by asking questions.

Buy it 
You can purchase your StoryTimeForMe books here. Prices start at $8.

Get books for Free
You have two options:
1) To get 2 storybooks for free, simply click here.  Registration took me 15 seconds - once I confirmed my email, I was then prompted to create a password and then I selected my two books to my library.  It’s that simple!  And FREE!

2) To get free storybooks for yourself, refer your friends that have not yet registered at Story Time For Me through your referral link in your account.  You get 1 free book for every friend who signs up for the 2 free books.  Sounds like a win win situation to me. 

Free Books for your child's School
You can also score 2 free books for your child's school.  STORY TIME FOR ME offers a FREE program for teachers and day care providers that helps to inspire and reward students for behavioral and scholastic performance.  Check here for more information.
I'm looking forward to their upcoming new personalized multimedia book which gives you the ability to download pictures of your children to insert into the character books.  This will be available soon in time for the Holiday Season.
What a great educational freebie for your family, friends and school.

Disclosure:  I was not provided any compensation for this review.  All opinions were of my own (other opinions may differ).


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