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Groupon: Build a Bear half off coupon - you'll need it

If you haven't experienced Build a Bear then be prepared to open up your wallet and spend money on little bear clothes that you wouldn't dream of spending that amount for your child's clothes or let alone yourself when you figure out the fabric size to cost ratio.  BUT it is a lot of fun and everyone has to try it at least once in their lifetime.  I know my Phillies Ballpark stadium has a Build a Bear shop so you can't steer clear of this place when you have kiddies.

Anyhoo Groupon is offering a $20 coupon for $10 (look for this in the Wichita State - good for all locations though and expires Mar 31, 2011 so a great indoor winter activity).  Once you order it wait a day and you'll be able to print off the certificate to redeem.  $20 will get you a bear so look around for a Build a bear coupon too so you can stack and maximise savings!  I've seen these in magazines.  Sign up to Groupon here.

So if you have two children I recommend buying an extra one as a gift and send your husband with you to help with your other child and check out separately. 

Be prepared to stick to a budget as your child will go crazy with their imaginations and your wallet.  We had a Build a Bear type workshop come to my kids day care every summer and they have 3 bears each.

Oh if you plan on hosting a party there then Groupon is offering a $50 certificate for $25...

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