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Holiday Gift Guide: Excavation Station T. Rex Dinosaur Dig Site


Welcome to The Freebie Junkie's Holiday Gift Guide
 Gift: Excavation Station T. Rex Dinosaur Dig Site
Category: Children's gift - perfect for a dinosaur loving child (6+)

My son recently became interested in dinosaurs at school and so for his 5th birthday he chose to have a dinosaur theme party.  His favorite dinosaur is Ankylosaurus followed closely by Tyrannosaurus Rex.  If I had known about the Excavation Station T. Rex Dinosaur Dig Site this would have certainly been included in the party festivities.

This fun, archaeology product comes with a Digstone Brick (sand block) that replicates a realistic digging experience, steel digging tools, excavation safety glasses, a paleontologist field guide (filled with instructions and fun facts), a paintbrush and three colors of paint (to “age” your dinosaur bones).   Check it out here in this video - I'm so excited for my son - we're going to find a quiet weekend and work on this together.

In the Excavation series you can also dig for Treasures, fossils, bugs and meteorites.  This has to be one of the most innovative products out there for young kids - bring one into your home.
Check here for a list of local retailers who carry the Excavation Station T. Rex Dinosaur Dig Site

Click here to purchase online at the BSW Toy website ($24.99 + shipping)
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My son was excited to work on this project and finally we found a weekend to work on this.  We laid out a lot of newspaper on our kitchen table - I also padded the table well as a 5 year old and steel digging tools sounds like a recipe for disaster on a glass table.  Digging took a while which was good as it kept my 5 year old busy especially when stuck inside this cold weekend.  My son loved the digging tools and of course all the little rocks.  Keep a dust pan and brush handy as this is not a clean project as those little rocks can sure fly, best as an outdoor project but nothing a sweep vac couldn't correct.  After digging, I helped my son put together the pieces to make up the T. Rex model.  Its a bit tricky to piece the spine and legs together for a 5 year old but the finished model is wonderful.  Next project will be painting and aging the T. Rex and this will sit proudly on my son's brag shelf.  Now my son has Paleontology and archaeologist as new words to his vocabulary and would like another dinosaur party for his 6th birthday.

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